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Wells Joins Talk Media Network

Ark Midnight with John B. Wells is now part of the Talk Media Network family. The former Coast to Coast AM host discusses news, politics, unexplained mysteries and paranormal, science, religion, health, music and pop culture.

Talk Media Network CEO Josh Leng welcomed Ark Midnight saying, “John B. Wells is an expert in weaving stories, news, and interviews together with an artful thread and his instantly recognizable voice. Ark Midnight is a destination nighttime show.”

Wells added: “It’s great to be working with Talk Media Network. They understand the program, and have added new affiliate stations before we could even make this announcement.”

Radio stations interested in airing Ark Midnight with John B. Wells should visit for more information.


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  1. Gary Bellamy Gary Bellamy April 13, 2020

    Was “Just a matter of time”, go get’em John B. Congrats.

  2. Methos Methos April 13, 2020

    This is good… BUT, you realize once the BS Lying media starts noticing, there will be a smear campaign against C2M to rival the one done against President Trump… This isn’t necessarily bad news. By doing so, the left will be giving this program wider exposure and more and more people will want to hear more of the truth provided by Mr. Wells and the guests.

  3. Doug Touchette Doug Touchette April 13, 2020

    Congratulation, JB

    All the Best!


    • Leyla Koen Leyla Koen Post author | April 13, 2020

      thank you

  4. Judi Vitale Judi Vitale April 13, 2020

    Congrats! Hope it means we’ll be able to tune in by radio in more places.

    • Leyla Koen Leyla Koen Post author | April 13, 2020


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