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We Are SO SPOILED, Plus The Marxist Underpinnings Of BLM


There is a lot to unpack and untangle today, y’all.  They’re wanting to take down statues of JESUS now, and I have to say – that’s my breaking point.  I’m done with these jackhats.

There is a clear difference between black lives mattering and the Black Lives Matter movement – one that is an OBVIOUS Marxist movement that seeks to destroy this country – plain and simple.  And I’m not just calling them Marxist because I feel like it.  I’m taking words out of one of the co-founders mouths who said that they’re “Marxist-trained.”  Make no mistake.  They don’t just want to topple statues.  They want to topple the entire system. And they’re using black people to do it.


On a good note, we have an amazing community of folks out there who are in our Facebook Lives every day, and that number is growing.  Folks who are searching for sanity in an insane world.  We see you, we hear you, and we’re so incredibly grateful for all of you.  We’re absolutely blown away by the gifts that you send us – we love y’all so much, and we hope you know that we’re so touched by your generosity.  Thank you for being so awesome – y’all have always been the fuel for our fire.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


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One Comment

  1. Barbara Barbara June 24, 2020

    Where will it end? Seems to me they just really want to make sure Trump wins again!!! This is truly biblical!!!

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