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Watch Trump and Fauci disagree over unproven coronavirus drug

coronavirusDonald Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci apparently are not on the same page about a potential treatment for the new coronavirus.

During Friday’s COVID-19 task force briefing, the United States President and the government’s top infectious disease expert publicly disagreed over whether a malaria drug would be an effective treatment for the coronavirus. Essentially, the conflict was between someone going mostly on feeling and another operating using hard facts.

After Trump on Thursday brought attention to hydroxychloroquine , Fauci on Friday was asked whether the drug could be used to prevent COVID-19.

No,” he said. “The answer … is no.

“The information that you’re referring to specifically is anecdotal. It was not done in a controlled clinical trial, so you really can’t make any definitive statement about it.”

Later, Trump disagreed with the notion there is no “magic cure” for coronavirus.

“Maybe and maybe not, ” he said. “Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. We have to see.

” … I think without seeing too much, I’m probably more of a fan of that,” he said, referring to the malaria drug. “And we all understand what the doctor said is 100% correct.”

Make of that what you will.

As of Saturday morning, there were more than 19,700 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States, including at least 276 fatalities.

In recent days, multiple states have enacted shelter-in-place protocols.


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  1. John W John W March 22, 2020

    Please President Trump…get rid of this False Prophet, Puppet! He is a two faced enemy of the people and will leak information behind your back just like the Left has done for the past 3 years! There are many other Doctor’s who have much more experience and good information about this Virus than Fauci! Why aren’t these ingrained Puppets of the Left vetted and removed from this Administration? In times like this we certainly do NOT need a Person like this Doctor who speaks out of both sides of his Mouth! we need the Truth! We will never get it from this Bozo!

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