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Watch: Steve Scalise Challenges Dr. Facui on Biden Administration’s COVID Hypocrisy at the Border

Congressman Steve Scalise

By Reagan McCarthy

Dr. Anthony Fauci testified before the House Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus on Thursday, and was not well-received by all members of the subcommittee. Dr. Fauci insisted that draconian restrictions were still necessary to combat the virus, and would not give a timeframe for Americans to return to normal life, even with the rapid vaccine distribution that is underway.

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), the House GOP Whip, got Dr. Fauci to concede that the Biden administration is acting hypocritically with COVID and the southern border. Scalise brought photographic proof of the horrific conditions at the border that violate the administration’s own coronavirus protocols. In the overcrowded border facilities, social distancing and mask wearing are nowhere to be found, as Scalise noted.

“In these cells, they’re violating the very guidance that you [Fauci] tell Americans to follow. A restaurant in the United States would be shut down today if they were being run like this. The federal government, the Biden administration, is running this facility,” Scalise said at the hearing. Fauci reluctantly agreed with the glaring evidence of hypocrisy by the Biden administration.

Fauci also received criticism for lamenting in the same hearing that restrictions on Americans’ ability to live their lives have little to do with liberty.


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