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  1. David Ruiz David Ruiz January 16, 2021

    God will guide you great POTUS. He will direct you in achieving your responsibility.

  2. Kim Hietpas Kim Hietpas January 16, 2021

    President Trump is the best President for our country, it’s sad the corruption is so rampant with the leftist democRats, the media smears, the elitist rhinos and now the collusion of the big tech has won against us the good people President Trump was defending.

  3. chuck galambos chuck galambos January 16, 2021

    We all hope for a miracle and we put too many expectations on President Trump to do it all.

  4. Sharon Safford Sharon Safford January 17, 2021

    I still believe that God is in control. HE is behind TRUTH and he will reveal it. I still stand behind President Trump. We can’t let our nation fall: IN GOD WE TRUST.

  5. Randy Harding Randy Harding January 18, 2021

    Please see a movie by Jennifer Mac-Juan O Savin on Bitchute : THE CALLED THE MAKING OF A PERFECT DAY . Even though I am in Ontario Canada I pray for all free people to hold on and take a stand for FREEDOM and we are with You President Donald John Trump – Godspeed and God Bless America

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