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Violent protests, security breaches erupt and police come under attack by protestors in Charlotte, North Carolina

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CHARLOTTE, NC – In the auspicious event seeing the formal Republican nomination of President Donald Trump, considered an ally to local law enforcement around the country, for reelection, several unlawful demonstrations broke out in the host city.

Charlotte, the largest city in both Carolinas, saw its third night of anti-Trump demonstrations Sunday while preparing to host the quadrennial Republican National Convention.

Several groups, totaling less than 100, gathered in the city’s Marshall Park to mobilize between 9:00 and 9:30 p.m.  From there, they proceeded to march northward from the park- traveling up Stonewall St., Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., and Third St.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police monitored the demonstrators’ activity without intervention as they traveled.   Some of the chants heard as the groups marched included:

“No R-N-C in C-L-T,”

“Black Lives Matter,”

“F— Trump,”

and, of course:

“F— the Police.”

Another chant heard was:

“One, two, three, four, slavery, genocide, and war. Five, six, seven, eight, America was never great.”

The groups converged again near the northwest corner of the Charlotte Convention Center, the venue for this year’s RNC.  This is also near the Westin Charlotte, where Convention delegates are staying.

Clashes began with police, when the groups began attempting to block traffic, by moving police barricades and other large objects. The CMPD reported that the demonstrators assaulted police officers, as police attempted to intervene and clear the streets.

The Charlotte Observer reported that police officers also came to the aid of a driver in a pickup truck, when demonstrators surrounded the vehicle.  Officers on bicycles were successful in driving the demonstrators backward, though one officer had his bicycle stolen by someone in the crowd of demonstrators.

CMPD reports that tear gas was used to subdue the escalating crowd, while several arrests were made (including the arrest of the individual charged with stealing the police bicycle).  Most of the arrests were due to assault and interference, as some demonstrators kicked and hurled objects at police officers.

President Trump arrived this morning to give a surprise speech accepting his second nomination during the convention, amid an electrified atmosphere and chants of “four more years” inside.  There was relative calm outside, with no sign of the previous evening’s clash.

CMPD officers arrested one individual Monday morning, as he attempted to make an unlawful entry through the temporary security perimeter, after delegates had already arrived.  The individual was successfully apprehended before approaching an area where delegates or officials were present.

RNC Security informed Convention attendees in an official announcement at 10:30am Monday morning.   Despite a weekend of demonstrations, and a perimeter breach on the first day of the RNC, CMPD was able to restore order with no impact to the day’s scheduled events.

Tempering the anti-Trump, anti-law enforcement sentiment of the weekend demonstrators, is a group equal in size that marched five miles south of Uptown.

Charlotte’s SouthPark neighborhood saw a different type of demonstration earlier on Sunday afternoon.  The group marched in the light rain as part of a “Back the Blue” rally, carrying American and Back the Blue flags.

Passersby in vehicles honked their horns as a show of support along the marchers’ two-mile route around the neighborhood.

Supporters on social media also indicated that “Backing the Blue” shows Charlotte’s true nature, unlike the nighttime demonstrations Uptown.

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Here’s our previous report on the events occurring ahead of the RNC.

Last night saw multiple arrests as demonstrators gathered in Uptown to protest the Republican National Convention.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department made extensive preparations in anticipation of possible protests and other security issues as the RNC approached.




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