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Video: South Africa’s Electricity Collapse Continues as “New” Power Stations Crumble

Chronic incompetence, affirmative action, poor maintenance and Third World chaos have plunged South Africa into yet another power supply nightmare with nationwide blackouts—euphemistically called “load-shedding”—while new video from a recently built power station show that it is on the verge of a dangerous collapse.

The Medupi Power Station—a coal-fired generating station commissioned by the ANC government in 2015—was revealed to be in a “highly dangerous” state with ash and high-explosive coal dust debris pouring out of leaking pipes and covering the surrounding ground like snow.

Footage smuggled out of the Medupi power station by a white visitor, and leaked on social media, showed the full extent of the collapsing infrastructure.

The fact that the power station in question is less than three years old, is testimony to the fact there has been absolutely no maintenance since its first day of operation.

A recent article in South Africa’s Business Day newspaper confirmed that “Eskom’s mega power stations Medupi and Kusile, which were intended to alleviate SA’s power constraints, have a multitude of serious design and technical flaws that are impeding their operation.

“The poor performance of the new power stations is a decisive reason why Eskom is still unable to meet the country’s energy demands despite adding 3,200MW of capacity to the grid since 2015. The utility went into stage four load-shedding mode on Monday, dropping 4,000MW from the grid, the largest amount to date that it has needed to shed to keep the grid stable.”



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  1. Methos Methos November 29, 2019

    SA is turning into a s**t hole. Along with Sweden, UK, Germany, Venezuela and a long list of other countries adopting socialism/communism. It’s very possible America is not far behind!

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