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‘Unprecedented’: Iran Kills Hundreds Of Unarmed Protesters, Quran Expert Warns It May Kill Thousands In Crackdown

A brutal crackdown by the Iranian government has left at least 180 demonstrators dead after they participated in protests that were initially sparked by an unexpected increase in fuel prices.

The largest single incident of the Islamic Republic allegedly murdering unarmed citizens happened in the city of Mahshahr, where “Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps members surrounded, shot and killed 40 to 100 demonstrators – mostly unarmed young men – in a sugar cane field where they had sought refuge,” The Times reported.

A local reporter told The Times that in three days, approximately 130 protesters were killed by the Iranian government, including those who were massacred in the sugar cane field.

Omid Memarian, who is deputy director at the Center for Human Rights in Iran, told The Times: “The recent use of lethal force against people throughout the country is unprecedented, even for the Islamic Republic and its record of violence.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported last week that Abolfazl Bahrampur, an Iranian Quran interpreter and translator, was featured on Iranian state television where he said that the Quran instructs that the protesters be murdered and it would not be an exaggeration if Iran killed 10,000 protesters.

“In the interview, Bahrampur said that according to the Quran, the punishment for protesters should be slaughtering, which is death in agony or chopping off their hands and feet on alternate sides of their bodies,” MEMRI reported. “He continued to say that the punishment must be carried out in public and in the place where the crimes were committed and they must be crucified as well, in order to serve as a deterrent for ‘the people who wait behind the scenes for America’s orders’. He said that killing 10,000 of the protesters would not be an exaggeration.”



  1. Methos Methos December 2, 2019

    There atrocities in South Africa as well. There atrocities in China with organ harvesting. There are atrocities in any other country that has lots of Muslims like Sweden, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India… the list goes on.
    It’s not the job of America to be the worlds police force and try to make other people “play nice”. When those nations actions affect this country, or when we have evidence that’s what they are leading up to… that’s when we need to take action.

  2. Jack Jack December 2, 2019

    What did you expect?

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