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U.S. Marshals take down 262 suspects, 141 gang members, six murderers and save five missing kids

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Oklahoma City, OK – The United States Marshals in Oklahoma took down over 262 suspects. This includes 141 gang members, and six homicide suspects. The others were wanted for assault, burglary, weapons, offenses and drug offenses.

Five missing kids turned up in “Operation Triple Beam.” They confiscated 72 firearms, more than 9 kilograms of narcotics and nearly $17,000 in cash seized.

The sting lasted 60 days. It was a part of a crackdown on violent crime in and around Oklahoma City. Those arrested included:

Pablo Robledo, a Surenos gang member who was caught on July 31 after fleeing from the Oklahoma County Detention Center while he was waiting on murder charges.

He escaped from Oklahoma County Jail alongside his cellmate and suspected rapist, Jose Hernandez. They created a rope made of bedsheets and paper, then they scaled down 12 floors of the jailhouse to make their break.

Johnny Kuhlman, a U.S. Marshals employee, told KFOR: 

“We used all kinds of techniques and investigative techniques to try and locate him, and once again we were successful in getting him back into custody.”

Rollin’ 60s Crip gang member Dkwon Littlejohn was captured on July 27.  He is charged with burglarizing a car belonging to an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation special agent. He stole the agent’s duty rifle.

Operation Triple Beam also captured both Chasady and Charles Hall, both Dungee Crip members, are charged with kidnapping their children. Their kids were in state department of Human Services custody at the time of the abduction.

The pair were arrested on Aug. 12 in Midwest City. The children are safe, and are now back in foster care.

The Marshals said in a statement:

“Our primary goal with operations like OTB is to make communities safer. When we arrest these violent fugitives, we are also removing guns and narcotics from our streets. We believe these efforts have an immediate, positive impact on the communities we serve.”

Operation Triple Beam OKC has been a two-month long operation.

— Did You Know? (@Know) September 22, 2020

The operation was conducted in partnership and cooperation with multiple local law enforcement agencies. These include: The Oklahoma City police, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, Shawnee and Yukon police, Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma Department of Corrections and more.

The U.S Marshals also report that a suspect in a homicide that occurred in California was taken into custody in Oklahoma City.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, in California, sent four detectives to Oklahoma City so that they could continue their homicide investigation. After the Fresno County detectives interviewed the suspect and witnesses, they served search warrants in Oklahoma City.

Sadly, one of the detectives became ill after he returned home to California. They later learned he had contracted COVID-19. He passed away after spending a few weeks in the hospital.

Excerpt of USA Downing’s remarks yesterday praising the men and women making arrests, and thanking Oklahomans for supporting them. Operation Triple Beam OKC = 262 arrests, 141 gang members, 72 firearms, 9kg of narcotics. #BackTheBlue @USAttorneys @USMarshalsHQ

— U.S. Attorney WDOK (@USAO_WDOK) September 18, 2020

Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta posted this on their Facebook feed about Operation Triple Beam. They got 1,000 reactions with 86 comments and 428 shares. Some comments from the post to see the reactions of a city who went through their own U.S. Marshal Operation called “Operation Not Forgotten” where the US Marshals rescue 39 missing children in Georgia sex-trafficking bust:

“Great Job and people who are against the police these could be your children they are finding. So be proud and respect our police officers.”

Another one wrote (unedited):

“Please let us no about these people thank u for rescuing these kids from human trafficking lock those devils up and threw away the keys”

Another one asked a good question:

“Great Job putting these criminals behind bars in jail. BUT when I read local and national news reports I was can’t help but wonder… how many of these criminals resisted arrest? How many have already bonded out? Or will be back on the streets shortly?”

It’s okay though, because everyone seemed to agree:

“While everyone is taking covid this and that, no one is talking about the mass human trafficking going on, salute these marshals for rescuing these kids.”

“This is what we should be fighting, instead of each other.”

A little closer to home, in Chicago, Fox32Chicago posted this on their Facebook page with 1.6 reactions, 177 comments, and 1,000 shares. The reaction there:

One person who commented seems to think that there is a conspiracy theory:

“Why does it seem as if they’ve been doing this wonderful work but it’s only being publicized now with such frequency as a political move.”

Another praised them:

I did my tactical medical training with the US Marshalls, absolutely fantastic, dedicated people. God bless them all

One asked another good question (unedited):

“Where are the video the parents saying they never lost hope where are they?”

Sadly, the response to the last question is one that no one likes to hear. These are the kids that aren’t wanted by the parents. They were stolen, sold, or found their way into this life. They don’t know what true love is from a parent or from a partner.

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According to the Catholic Relief Services:

“The causes of human trafficking are complex and interlinked, and include economic, social and political factors. Poverty alone does not necessarily create vulnerability to trafficking, but when combined with other factors, these can lead to a higher risk for being trafficked.

Some of those other factors include: corruption, civil unrest, a weak government, lack of access to education or jobs, family disruption or dysfunction, lack of human rights, or economic disruptions.”

At the end of the day, the U.S Marshals are doing an incredible job at conducting high level, complex investigations and bringing some bad people to justice.

The Marshall’s work involves human trafficking, hunting down fugitives from justice, and working collaboratively with local, state and other federal law enforcement agencies. The Marshal’s Office does most of its work, however, out of the limelight.

Many will never know the great work that is performed and how that work keeps us all safe.

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