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Twitter will require users to remove certain tweets about the coronavirus under new rules

Twitter has announced new rules the company says will combat misinformation about the novel coronavirus on the platform, including the type of tweets that it will ask users to remove.

In detail: Twitter said that it will require users to delete certain tweets about the COVID-19 that might mislead others. This includes tweets that discourage people from practicing social distancing or rebut recommendations and information from credible sources, such as health authorities and governments.

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Other posts that would be affected by the latest changes include “unverified claims” that come from accounts “impersonating a government or health official or organization,” as well as misleading claims about treatment — even if they’re jokes. This applies to posts that promote both “measures which are not immediately harmful but are known to be ineffective” and harmful measures that are also ineffective.

Tweets that contain “false or misleading claims” on how to diagnose a coronavirus infection, those that say specific groups or nationalities are immune or more susceptible to COVID-19, and claims that “incite people to action and cause widespread panic, social unrest or large-scale disorder” will also be removed.

How? Twitter said it will work with “trusted partners, including public health authorities and governments, and continue to use and consult with information from those sources when reviewing content,” the blog post notes.


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