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Twitter censors WSJ article on Kim Klacik, ‘A Black Lives Matter Republican’

By Scott Boyd

There is nothing more terrifying to a Democrat than a person of color who refuses to abide by the leftist narrative. That’s why Kimberly Klacik is such a threat to their narrative. It’s also the reason Twitter is censoring an article about her from the Wall Street Journal.

While some may note that “censorship” is too strong of a classification since Twitter isn’t completely blocking the article, it’s fair because it reduces the reach dramatically. The story has been Tweeted by a dozen or so people and retweeted by hundreds. Considering the subject matter, it’s very likely that without the speed bump they put on the article for sharing, it had a chance of going viral. Now, not so much.

Twitter has faced plenty of scrutiny for their handling of the Hunter Biden bombshell from the NY Post. The fourth most circulated newspaper in the country still does not have access to their Twitter account a week after the story ran. Twitter has also faced potential political actions as Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Lindsey Graham are working to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey? Instead of backing down, Twitter is doubling down.

It isn’t always the overt censorship that has the most impact. Sometimes, just suppressing a story is enough to keep it from going viral. Kim Klacik’s story is a blockbuster, but Twitter’s keeping it out of sight.

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