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Trump Says Coronavirus Restrictions Will Be Lifted “Soon”, The US “Was Not Built To Be Shut Down”: Live Updates


  • Trump says coronavirus restrictions will be lifted “soon, a lot sooner than three or four months.”
  • Japan PM Abe says world “not ready” to hold Olympics
  • Fla. Gov. DeSantis signs order requiring 14-day quarantine for all travelers from NY & NJ
  • Angela Merkel tests negative for COVID-19
  • Australia and Canada pull athletes from the games
  • UK issues stay at home order
  • Japan agrees with IOC to delay Olympics for 1 year
  • NY case total tops 20k
  • Italy sees encouraging slowdown suggesting outbreak might be peaking
  • Greece announces lockdown after reporting largest daily jump in deaths
  • UK PM Johnson to address the country as deaths hit 335
  • Hong Kong bars all foreigners for 14 days
  • Boeing shuts Puget Sound operations for 2 weeks
  • Spain reports 26% jump in deaths on Sunday
  • State Department says 13,500 stranded Americans abroad are trying to get home
  • New Jersey reports nearly 1,000 case jump
  • UK preparing to close “non-essential” shops
  • Dems hold stimulus bill hostage with last-minute demands
  • First coronavirus deaths confirmed in Zimbabwe, Gambia, and Nigeria.
  • Cuomo tourst Javits Center
  • India ban on international flights begins
  • 1.7 billion ppl in 50 countries asked to stay home, AFP says
  • Largest 2-day jump in global cases reported over the weekend
  • France announces more restrictive measures
  • 8 states have postponed primaries
  • Ireland reports largest daily jump in new cases
  • Nigeria closes borders, suspends international flights
  • Myanmar reports first cases
  • Canada reports jump in cases
  • Michigan, Indiana & Mass join stay at home states
  • Spain follows Italy by extending quarantine
  • 1 in 3 Americans begin Monday under lockdown
  • White House correspondent rumored to test positive for COVID-19
  • India shutters domestic transit even as ‘official’ cases remain low
  • Trump sends National Guard troops to New York, California & Washington
  • Fed delivers latest bazooka blast with another massive monetary stimulus
  • Senate holds second stimulus vote
  • Amazon doubles workers overtime pay

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Update (2015ET):  Perhaps realizing that facing down a second great depression if the US economy is halted indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic would not improve his re-election chances, President Trump struck a defiant tone at Monday’s coronavirus press briefing when he said that the American economy can’t remain slowed for too long to fight the coronavirus, declaring that the country “was not built to be shut down.”

As a result, the president predicted that social distancing restrictions will be lifted “fairly soon” and that the U.S. has learned enough lessons to re-open the economy despite the ongoing pandemic.

“I’m not looking at months, I can tell you right now. We’re going to be opening up our country,” Trump said. “Can’t keep it closed for the next, you know, for years. This is going away.”

“America will again, and soon, be open for business. Very soon,” Trump said. “A lot sooner than three or four months.”

Following a Sunday night tweet by former Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein which said that “crushing the economy, jobs and morale is also a health issue-and beyond. Within a very few weeks let those with a lower risk to the disease return to work”…


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