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‘This is evil! Antifa terrorists target citizens who donated to Andy Ngo’s medical bills

An Antifa activist has been doxxing sympathetic donors who contributed to reporter Andy Ngo’s GoFundMe page after the independent journalist was targeted and brutally attacked and robbed on June 29 by the terror group’s black-masked thugs.

Ngo almost died from a brain bleed he suffered from that attack on the streets of Portland, Oregon, and he appears to remain at the top of the group’s enemies list. The anarchist group is now employing a new tactic, by publicizing the personal information of those who compassionately gave funds toward his hospital bills.

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin, an outspoken critic in her own right of the Antifa wickedness and the creator of the GoFundMe page, angrily tweeted: “This is evil! Compassionate citizens being targeted by Antifa exploiting the GoFundMe I created for @MrAndyNgo – Where is @realdonaldtrump ‘s Antifa terrorist designation? Where is @GOP ?!”

Ngo implored the haters to back off, tweeting: “If you want to go after someone, go after me. Leave those around me — my family, my supporters — the hell alone.”



  1. Jesse Jesse November 18, 2019

    This story left me deeply disturbed, disheartened, and, frankly, pissed off. A truly sad moment in politics. If they aren’t designated as a terrorist organization then it’s time for us (normal Americans) to fight fire with fire. There comes a time when just standing up to a bully isn’t enough.

  2. Methos Methos November 18, 2019

    Don’t kid yourself. Civil war is coming a form many will not recognize. In many ways it is here already! There will be a major upheaval and many people will die. How it all turns out is anybody’s guess. But be assured America will never again resemble what it was set up to be.

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