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The History of the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood: A Force Throughout The Muslim World ...

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1.1 Subject Matter of Report

1. This report by members of the international practice group at 9 Bedford Row Chambers, of London has been commissioned by the State Lawsuit (Litigation) Authority of Egypt to provide an overview of the history of the Muslim Brotherhood looking at its structure, organisation and activities.

2. In the report we review the Muslim Brotherhood’s objectives and growth strategy since its inception in 1928, up to the present day. There is analysis of the underlying tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood and its support and the methods employed to achieve its political goals.

3. We have also looked at the organisational structure of the Muslim Brotherhood – a structure that has been substantially unchanged since its formation in the early 1930s. This has caused us to focus upon the origins of the Muslim Brotherhood’s paramilitary branch, the ‘Secret Apparatus’, and the central role it has held within the movement throughout its history. The key figures in the history of the Muslim Brotherhood are discussed, as is the formation and structure of the ‘international’ Muslim Brotherhood network.

4. There is also analysis of the underlying ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood from which various militant Islamists groups have originated. Specifically in Chapter 4 we examine the origins of groups


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