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The False Prop Of “Get Your Flu Shot”: “Influenza-Like Illness”

Walk in to any chain pharmacy or a Big Box store, and they are promoting flu shots as you enter the front door.  Flu shots are big business now.  The masses must be vaccinated.

Scare tactics

Relias Media, self-proclaimed as a “trusted source for healthcare information,” releases this headline story: “Given the nation’s antivaccine movement and the annual safety myths and efficacy quibbles about the seasonal influenza vaccine, public health officials are keeping it simple this year: CDC: Flu Vaccination Can Keep You Out Of The Hospital, Morgue.”  In my lifetime, I have never known of a single person who died of influenza.  Yet the annual mortal threat posed by the flu seems like an imagined pandemic every flu season.

NBC-News posts a report entitled “Here’s why doctors urge people to get the flu shot every year” with an accompanying video story of a 4-year-old who became ill with flu and developed swelling of the brain and lost some of her vision, which may or may not be permanent, the report says.  But the headline reads: “Mother’s warning after flu leaves 4-year old blind.”  Video footage shows a child who certainly has some functional vision.  The news report appears to be a scare tactic.  A major news agency is doing the bidding of the vaccine makers.

Another online political news portal, The Hill, ran with the NBC story with a headline that reads: “4-Year Old Who Wasn’t Vaccinated Against Flu Goes Blind From Virus.”  And so it goes in our dystopian “fake” news era.  Fiction becomes non-fiction.

Meanwhile, other news agencies report flu vaccination is likely to be ineffective against a new flu strain.  The overall blended message is “get a useless flu shot.”

The essence of flu fakery

But here is the essence of the annual flu fakery.  It’s called “influenza-like illness.”

At the end of December/2019 The Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (CIDRAP) reported 4.6 million flu illnesses, 39,000 hospitalizations and 2100 flu-related deaths in this flu season with outpatient visits for influenza-like illnesses spiking from 3.9% to 5.1% for the week ending Dec. 21.

And therein lies the lie – – – influenza-like illnesses (ILI).  ILI is defined as fever (temperature of 100°F [37.8°C] or greater) and a cough and/or a sore throat without a known cause other than influenza.

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is said to collect and disseminate data from the “The U.S. Outpatient Influenza-Like Illness surveillance Network,” a collaboration of CDC, state and local health departments.  What is this influenza-like illness?  Where does it come from?  Are medicines prescribed to treat the flu the same drugs to treat influenza-like illness?


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  1. Methos Methos January 16, 2020

    There’s big money behind this insanity… just like there usually is.

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