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The End Game

By Dr. Stephen Jones

Two weeks ago I was told to watch January 13. My wife has been asking me all day if I heard anything yet. Well, the big news today is that President Trump was impeached for the second time in his term. We now enter the final week of our first 76-day cycle of cleansing, which ends January 19.

The first cycle has been like a death spiral. Death is the only pre-requisite for resurrection. I believe the second 76-day cycle will be a resurrection spiral, so to speak.

The president does not seem worried about what appears to be happening. Appearances are nearly always deceiving, especially when it comes to serious political events. Juan O’Savin is now telling us that Biden will be sworn in as president of the USA corporation in the Supreme Court office. But if Charlie Ward’s information is correct, Trump already collapsed the USA corporation to make room for a restoration of the Republic that was established in 1789. The corporation was created in 1871, and presidents since then have been CEO’s of the corporation.

This is what is actually at stake here. It is a fight to the death between the corporation, controlled by the Deep State (Mystery Babylon) and the organic Republic that our founders established. Appearances show that the Deep State has won, but I say, wait and see what God does. When Jesus died on the cross, His followers thought all was lost. Their hopes were dashed. But God loves the game of brinkmanship. He did it at the Red Sea. He did it again when the Syrians invaded Israel in the days of Elisha. When they panicked, Elisha told them to check again, and they saw that the angels of God vastly outnumbered the Syrian troops (2 Kings 6:15-17).

It seems we must come to the place of hopelessness in order to test our faith in God’s word. The word is that Babylon is falling, that its time to rule the earth ended in 2017. I cannot force anyone to believe my revelation. I can only say that I believe it and that my entire outlook on the present situation in the world is based upon that word. Others may or may not be persuaded, but to me it is a matter of faith.

If that is foolish, so be it. I will live or die by my faith. You may do as you wish.

We have had many years to observe the two 76-day cycles of cleansing that start each Prophetic Year. We are coming to the end of the first cycle, the midpoint. The story is not over. We are only half-way into the story.

We will probably be threatened by the Deep State, once they believe they have won. Anyone who has anything to say that supports Trump is being deplatformed on Social Media. All free speech will be outlawed if it disagrees with the government’s propaganda. There are loud calls to prevent any Trump supporter from being allowed to find employment anywhere. They are talking about taking away the children of Trump supporters and sending them to re-education camps. Biden’s first act, if given opportunity, will probably be to issue a blanket executive order nullifying everything that Trump has done in the past four years.

The Deep State will then show its influence from the CCP, and America will be led into the China model of communist government. I do not believe they will succeed in this, but they will show their hand. Then the people will have to decide what to do, because we will never again have a free election. Elections will be as rigged as they were in the USSR in the last century.

I could go on and on about what life would be like without divine intervention. But that is not my purpose. I believe that God is setting the stage for the outpouring of the Spirit and for genuine repentance for denying Christ’s right to rule this nation according to His laws. The church is the first that needs to repent, especially for invalidating the laws of God and substituting their own traditions. None of this would have happened if the church had remained true to God and His word.

So we are now at the most important crisis in American history. It is the end game of our time. More important, we are at the point where Babylon is ready to fall. It has already been falling, but its collapse has largely been behind the scenes and not publicized. Babylon has clay feet, and the Stone is already crushing its feet. Those who do not know the word, those who do not know the laws of time in prophecy, will have a difficult time in the days ahead. But those who are strong in faith will put their trust in God alone for deliverance.

I will be leaving tomorrow and do not know if I will find time to comment on the news for the next two weeks. I have posted many videos and articles online in the past. Listen to what they have to say. YouTube has censored most of those videos already, but if you use the search engine, you can put in their name and Bitchute, and should be able to find what you need.


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