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The Election Audits Are The Key To Bringing Back America


There is a LOT of political noise out there right now. From illegitimate Biden’s spending, starting a war with Russia in Ukraine, appeasing Iran, and kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party, it’s easy to get lost in the horrific OBiden daily news cycle.

However, there is one truth we must keep at the forefront in our fight to restore the American republic — the election audits in the fraud states are the way forward.

BECAUSE – with election fraud transparency, comes delegitimizing the OBiden regime.

Right now, they are fighting tooth and nail to keep ANY evidence from emerging about what really happened on Nov 3rd and Jan 5th in GA. They know, that once public opinion starts to turn — the House falls in 2022 and maybe the Senate, and the OBiden agenda gets crushed in Congress. Believe it or not, even those Democrat politicians are still worried about re-election. The planned fraud can only cover so much of a GOP lead, and now the Deplorables are watching!

Once the corrupt Left can’t protect their co-conspirators from the voters anymore, Katy bar the door…watch the rats jump ship.

Pelosi, Biden, Rice, Schumer, Zuckerberg, Tim Cook…they all know this. Hence, they are turning up the repression and censorship to 11, and pushing to ram through their agenda as soon as possible.

In AZ, patriots are fighting the Maricopa County GOP-controlled elections board for access to ballots for a court-directed audit. In Fulton County, GA, has a hearing on April 13th to approve procedures for an audit. In New Hampshire, patriots are forcing an audit in Windham County.

Senate Bill SB43 mandates an audit of Windham’s disturbing November 3, 2020 general election results that produced a massive discrepancy between the machine vote tally for the State Rep race on election day and a hand recount 9 days later. The recount showed a difference of 1,363 votes for the State Rep race being shifted with only 10,006 ballots were cast. That is a big discrepancy – and we need to know why!, writes The Gateway Pundit.

The audits are the key — we need to keep our eye on the prize. Wins in multiple states to out the fraud will be the spark to win back America from the communist coup!


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  1. Dougie Dougie April 9, 2021

    Actually we are finding some evidence that he 2016 election was tampered with. Too many Trump votes quashed that attempt and it wasn’t publicly noticed. Currently I’m still on the opinion that the known Antrim County Michigan “red flag” remains quite legitimate as with the others regarding the other states as well. There is much more to say from my behalf, but Wells seems to covering this in a much more elegant way than I.

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