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The Breakaway Civilization and the Space Force

By Adam

We have been researching the subject of a Breakaway Civilization for a long time, but for once we can say who and what it is. These people and the entity/spirit behind them have been planning for thousands of years for the perfect time to take over the world, and it is finally upon us. Continuing from our last post on 6 Ways the Breakaway Civilization Took Over, we ended on the premise of the political Zionists wanting to create a new empire in the Middle East; a New World Order ruling the world out of Jerusalem.

What is the New World Order?

The fear of a New World Order has been around for a very long time, especially in this country. Bill Cooper, a true American patriot, a man of honor that deeply cared for this country. Yet, men that care for this country (more than the breakaway civilization we have named) with influence always get murdered. Bill Cooper died a Christian man that believed in liberty, sound money, and that our rights came from our Creator, not from government. He was a man of great conscious and took many risks to bring forward important information about the plans of the breakaway civilization.

The New World Order, or International Socialism, is an unelected elite rule over all the resources of the Earth, while the people receive their “portion” according to certain rules and “calculations.” But sitting on top of this New World Order is a technological scientific elite creating what we call today, a technocracy.

Now these are all names to mask who the perpetrators really are. It’s a New World Order, International Socialism, Communism, or even a Breakaway Civilization. It is Zionists that are behind all these movements and conspiracies. What’s the biggest proof? If you are a Zionist, you get to live. If you are not, you get killed. It’s a really simple way of trying to have everyone agree with you. Yet, because these people are Godless, they have no idea that God will always catch them. No matter what they do. No matter how technologically advanced they get; it means nothing. But, their nature is rebellion, so it’s natural that they lead revolutions.

The Rebellion Against Logos

Logos means God in Greek. It is the higher self, the higher mind, and that which we forever attain to, yet never reach. His recognition is what made us human, and what made us civilized. Religion, starting with Judaism, then Christianity, and finally Islam solidified the idea and belief in God. It helped us realize the magic and miracle of the natural world. This realization of the miracle surrounding us sparked a curiosity in studying it carefully and understanding it. All things and all particles; everything in existence worships God. That’s why it (the Universe) works so flawlessly. There is an order and no rebellion. Or is there?

We know what happens to rebels; rebels are cast down and are beat. However, they are necessary. Why? This is a mathematical universe. And while mathematics is proof of God, there are always the rebels to distract us that it’s not. Who are these rebels?

According to Michael E. Jones, author of the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, the rebellion against Logos began with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He thinks Jews have always embodied the revolutionary spirit, and have done so consistently and constantly over millennia. And while he is right that the perpetrators might identify as Jews, they are not. Christian scripture warns us:

“I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”

(Revelation 2:9)

In our opinion, we think that this revolutionary spirit he is speaking about is Satan. The first one to rebel against God, and the one given dominion over this material world because of that rebellion. he is in the spirit form but has not yet entered our material universe. Be sure though that everything has been done to ensure his manifestation. Every revolution, small or large is always a push into that direction; one for total control, to be only stopped by the Creator. That is why the rebel is needed, and that is why the rebel is attracted to creating this same situation forever. As Walter Russell discovered, nothing is at rest and everything is in motion, and it all comes from the One, the infinite Creator, then returns to Him.

The Antichrist, the Beast, and Dajjal

This evil force has many names, but its goals are all the same; complete domination over the human race from Jerusalem. This is verified through Judaic, Christian and Islamic prophecy and eschatology. Let’s look at what is happening today in the world:

  • Jerusalem has now been claimed the capital of Israel by the United States.
  • Golan Heights, a contested part of Syria, is “proclaimed” as part of Israel by the United States government.
  • Any statesman or candidate that proclaims their support for moving their embassy to Jerusalem wins the support of the Zionists, and the ones that don’t, we attempt to overthrow.
  • Our own Congress is trying to make it illegal to boycott or criticize Israel or Zionism in any way. Our Constitutional Republic was founded on a boycott. Remember the Tea Act? That was the last straw that sparked the revolution against the British colonialist empire. It is VERY American to boycott. Yet, our traitorous politicians want to take away that peaceful right to protest against a foreign government and a political ideology.
  • All countries that Israel deems as a threat to its existence have been destroyed, except for Iran, that is; a country that hasn’t threatened anyone in 100 hundred years. A country that only got influence in the region after the destruction of Iraq; another Zionist plot. Why? To create Greater Israel and fulfill prophecy.

So what does this all mean? Is it self fulfilling prophecy, or is this really an evil force at work? It’s definitely NOT a Jewish conspiracy. This is the beast system, the Antichrist, the Dajjal at work. It’s more complicated than humans can fathom, yet it all works to one goal. And, nothing can stop it. We are coming to the Great War. To add to the complexity, let’s look at other reasons why this war needs to happen.

The Decline of the West and The Debt Based System

In 1913, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, which enslaved the American people. Doesn’t seem like someone is sucking us dry? Some parasite that needs a host, then once it’s finished it moves on. Well, it looks like we are in that time of “moving on.” At the same time, this fulfills prophecy. Now, this might surprise you, but Islamic prophecy has predicted this. Albeit, it is not mainstream Islam by any sense, it is resonating with many critical thinkers. Keep an open mind. That’s why you are here. Listen to this:

Don’t believe this guy? How about this. In our own research, we discovered that Gog and Magog are the Khazarians, i.e. the Ashkenazis. This was not from a Muslim scholar, no, this was from a Jewish historian. Read this, and this, and tell us it’s a coincidence. It’s not. Not yet convinced?

Real Prophecy or Self Fulfilled Prophecy

We know that it might look like a self-fulfilling prophecy, but if that is the case, that means these people have had control of most religions and all of their own supposed separate prophecies, AND in control of the independent researchers coming to the same conclusion about Gog and Magog. So, if this is a self-fulfilling prophecy that they are following like a script, then we can be sure that they will fake the Second Coming with the technologies they have acquired over the years in secrecy. But for those with their eyes and hearts open, they will see through this deception. At the same time, if this is true prophecy, then those open to this possibility will know and feel the truth. Either way, we must prepare for what’s to come. Check out our survival gear in the store.

What do we think? We honestly don’t know. This is where the research has taken us. Only when the Great War commences and it is at its end will it be clear what is really going on. Until then, prepare and educate yourself and your loved ones.

We will leave you with this: a very probable explanation for what we are seeing take place with technology, communications, and computing power as it pertains to Revelations.

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