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Texas Man Jailed For Making Threats Against Nancy Pelosi on Facebook

Texas man faces federal charges after he made online posts threatening Democrats, including U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, authorities said.

Gavin Weslee Blake Perry, 27, of Wichita Falls, was charged Wednesday with transmitting a threatening communication in interstate commerce. According to federal prosecutors, Perry wrote on Facebook that Democrats, including Pelosi, “will be removed at any cost necessary and yes that means by death.”

Perry remained jailed Friday and court records do not list an attorney who could speak on his behalf. Federal prosecutors said Perry admitted making the Facebook posts and that he told law enforcement he did so because he wanted to warn Americans to beware of the government.

If convicted, Perry faces up to five years in prison.


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  1. Methos Methos March 27, 2020

    I think we all disapprove of Pelosi. But making threats like this is never appropriate.

  2. JW Salthouse JW Salthouse March 27, 2020

    Meanwhile, the Left can hold severed heads that look like Trump with NO consequences at all!

  3. GD Johnson GD Johnson March 28, 2020

    Another example of privileged politics. Schumer threatens president Trump over taking on the CIA and two Supreme Court Justices. Waters goes public during a gathering on the street telling all of the Left present to attack every Trump supporter any time they’re seen. Pelosi supports the MS-13 gangs who cut off the heads of witnesses.

    Yet…if any citizen (being an illegal is okay because it’s not their fault how they express themselves by killing us), ever comments on how our political members are imbeciles, then you get investigated.

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