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Texas Conservative Activist Demands a Special Special Session to Remove Corrupt Political Leaders

Texas conservative activist Julie White McCarty provided two radical solutions for the recent drama concerning the embattled State Representative Poncho Nevarez.

BLP reported that Nevarez was caught on Thursday, November 16, 2019 for cocaine possession.

Nevarez, who chaired the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, was one of the figures responsible for killing Constitutional Carry legislation during the 2019 legislative session.

She even pointed out that the committee that Nevarez presides over “is the one that includes drug trafficking. Bonnen replied that he does not have the power to replace committee chairs, that it has to be done by the Reps during session.”

The grassroots conservative activist believes there “are 2 responses here, both of which are correct.”

She offered the following two solutions:

  1. Fine. Abbott should call a special session, and the House can replace Bonnen and Poncho at the same time.
  2. Call out Bonnen for being a liar and prove to the world that he is one.

McCarty personally preferred the first option.

There was a sense of urgency behind her call to action, in which she stated, “Governor Abbott…the Texas House is a mess, Republicans look weaker and more pathetic than ever before, it gets worse every day, and we have an election looming where we could lose power. We must ignite the base. What is your plan???”

McCarty concluded, “Call a Special.”

In light of this drama, McCarty noted that “Three State Reps (and many others) asked Bonnen to remove him [Nevarez] as Chair.”