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So, Now Celebrating Independence Day Is White Supremacy?

By Erik Rush

It’s admittedly somewhat dispiriting – the idea that we’re going into the 244th anniversary of Independence Day with so little to celebrate in the context of our nation’s current status and future. For some, our annual Independence Day celebrations may have been just another day off of work, but for many more, it was a day in which we could spend time with friends and family, taking stock of our blessings and our gratitude for living in the greatest nation humanity had ever established.

Due to restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, many Independence Day celebrations this year have either been canceled, scaled back or mutated into something we’d just as soon pass up. Due to a spike in coronavirus cases, several states are reinstating restrictions that had been lifted earlier, which will certainly put an additional damper on festivities.

As July 4 approaches, we’re also seeing a new form of exploitation of the racial tension that has plagued America since May 25, when a black man was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis in the clearest case of police brutality we’ve ever seen on video. As we know, this tragic occurrence has been taken advantage of by communists and anarchists in a dedicated effort to catalyze a socialist revolution.

As people begin to forget who George Floyd even was, leftists have nevertheless become emboldened and are revealing more and more of their true agenda. Most readers of this column will be aware that this has nothing to do with justice for George Floyd, racism or police reform. These are simply pretexts for burning “the system” down.

In recent weeks, we’ve been treated to violent demonstrations in our major cities, with subversive thugs taking over entire sections thereof. Despite ostensibly protesting police brutality against blacks, quite often the video footage depicting these protests doesn’t show one black face in the crowd. We have inarticulate affirmative action university professors claiming that all whites are racists, and Civil War statues being pulled down irrespective of whether the individual represented fought for the Union or the Confederacy. More recently, one perennially mouthy activist declared that statues of Jesus Christ represent white supremacy, and some students at the University of Wisconsin now want a statue of Abraham Lincoln removed from their campus. Despite having ended slavery, apparently Lincoln wasn’t “woke” enough.

The new form of exploitation to which I refer is that of the political left claiming that Independence Day celebrations support white supremacy, presumably because the men who founded our nation were all white and, of course, deeply racist, genocidal maniacs.

Although it’s indisputable that much of the current frenzy to incite domestic unrest in America has to do with the left’s imperative for removing President Donald Trump from office (via the ballot box or otherwise), the exploitation of racial tension we’re seeing is in fact being driven by socialists globally and includes powerful interests worldwide. As reported recently, the Twitter account of Black Lives Matter U.K. is now tweeting in support of Palestine, bashing Zionism and excoriating members of the Jewish community in Britain.

What does police brutality in Minnesota have to do with the U.K. or Palestine? Absolutely nothing. Are there racist police officers in the U.K. abusing black people? No, but as we should be well-aware at this juncture, none of this is about racism – it’s about subverting the predominant paradigm. As the left sees it, that is represented by anything white, Judeo-Christian, straight, male or possesses any hint of traditional values or normalcy.

Black Lives Matter having an interest in policy in the U.K. makes about as much sense as Londoners demonstrating against Donald Trump – unless one realizes that we’re witnessing a global effort to leverage the civil unrest we’re experiencing into a worldwide campaign to obliterate anything that smacks of the Western democratic process.

As preposterous as the left’s charges and proposed remedies are, the real danger lies in Americans’ proclivity for capitulating to all manner of imprudent public-policy measures, as we’ve repeatedly done in recent years, particularly when failure to do so would result in being called a racist, a homophobe or some other invective. Given the vigorous (if craven and disgusting) virtue signaling being undertaken by so many individuals and organizations, this obviously remains a significant factor in how public policy is formed in America.


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  1. DesertChick DesertChick July 2, 2020

    Independence Day should be cancelled because there is very little evidence of any actual ‘independence’ left in this country.

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