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Are All These Bright Meteor Fireballs Exploding in the Night Sky a Sign of the End Times?

In the last several nights, many bright meteor fireballs have been captured by cameras around the world.

Is that a sign of impending doom?

Comets and meteors have fascinated the human race since they were first spotted in the night sky. The Greeks and Romans believed that the appearance of comets, meteors and meteor showers were portentous. They were signs that something good or bad had happened or was about to happen.

So what about the recent space rocks seen flying in the night sky around the world?

Two fireballs over Brazil in 3 days

According to Meteor Shower Tonight, two very bright space rocks illuminated the sky over the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Sao Paolo.

The first bolide entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a latitude of 106.4 km and exploded at a latitude of 67.1 at a speed of 44.8 kilometers per second.

The second struck the night sky on April 26, 2020 (00:19 AM UTC; 9:19 PM local time) at a speed of 9 miles per seconds.


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