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Security Guard Pulls Gun on Far-Left Protesters Trying to Break Into Chase Bank in Portland (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila

About 100 far-left activists took to the streets in Portland on Thursday to protest Line 3, a proposed pipeline expansion from Alberta, Canada to Wisconsin.

Activists in 50 cities across the country, including Portland, have taken to the streets to protest the pipeline.

The protesters chanted, “water is life, rivers are sacred” and “no good cops, no good Presidents, give the land back to its original residents!”

The protesters have been targeting Chase Bank and calling on them to “defund fossil fuels.”

On Thursday, the crowd roved over to their first location, a Chase Bank, one of the funders of Line 3.

A lone security guard pulled out a pistol as the far-left protesters tried to break into the Chase Bank.

WATCH (language warning):

The left-wing activists got near the lobby of the bank and pounded on the windows while chanting.


The crowd continued on foot and harassed other businesses before reaching the Hatfield courthouse.

Uniformed DHS responded to the front of the Hatfield courthouse.

At least one arrest was made Thursday afternoon after law enforcement used pepper balls to push the protesters back.


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