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REPORT: Joe Biden under ACTIVE criminal investigation for his role in Russia gate and Ukraine



Paul Sperry, who the president loves to retweet, is reporting now that Joe Biden is under an active federal criminal investigation for his role in the 2016 phony Russia investigation that led to spying on his campaign. Also, his Ukraine misdeeds are under investigation as well:

I don’t like to post stuff like this from just one source, so take it for what it’s worth to you.

If Sperry is right, this is huge news which would contradict what AG Barr has said, even somewhat recently in his interview with CNN, about Biden and Obama not being under investigation. But the way Barr announced it earlier this year left room for things to change and perhaps evidence has led them down this road.

I doubt Barr would confirm this less than a month before the election though. But maybe another reporter will check with their sources on this and we can learn if this is really true. It would be a bombshell.



  1. Rick Lord Rick Lord October 8, 2020

    Even if it’s true it seems like too little too late

  2. JOHN W JOHN W October 8, 2020

    Can a Criminal and Possible felon run for the highest office in the World? You are watching it play out right now! All the evidence shows that Biden has conducted criminal, treason act’s against the United States, When the main stream Media finally gets it’s head out of the Gopher Hole, after the American People have found out and know the truth, they will come for them in way’s that no one can imagine! I would suggest that the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, PBS all lock their doors and Windows when the S*** hits the fan! All these years they have been abetting and enabling the criminal Democrat’s, and carrying their water and lying for them thru their teeth! I say, good riddance to bad rubbish! What really is appalling is that these Media Fake News company’s are owned by Public Company s, masquerading as Good Guy’s! They are Disney, Com-Cast, Verison, Face Book, At &T, amazon! And you thought they were respectable Company’s, didn’t You? They need to be indicted and brought up on charges of deceit and deception to the American People , depriving them of there right to free, and Impartial reporting so they can make intelligent decisions based on factual facts, NOT FICTION! Their Stockholders should be outraged and demand new leadership and fire the Criminal management, plus take all of their Assets they gained when spreading their poison and falsehoods. Shame on them!

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