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Rantz: Seattle councilmember pushes communist Cuban propaganda, celebrates Castro


Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda amplified a Socialist promoting communist propaganda from Cuba. It also includes a picture glorifying Cuban tyrant and mass murderer Fidel Castro.

The tweet screenshots an “article” from Granma, the official voice of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee. In it, the communist propaganda outlet snaps at the United States for designating their country a state sponsor of terror.

They earned that designation for … sponsoring terrorism. They also harbor terrorists and U.S. fugitives. The move, in the waning days of the Trump administration, reversed an Obama-era decision from 2015.

Mosqueda’s tweet comes after what seems like a coordinated effort to to prop up the communist country at the expense of the United States.

Mosqueda praises communist Cuba, slams capitalist U.S.

Mosqueda has always been a far-left ideologue privately, but has attempted to somewhat moderate her public positions. But in the last year, she’s taken a hard turn to the left. She’s openly defended threats to murder police and is now openly embracing socialism to help keep an active Seattle base of voters to turn out for her re-election campaign.

Last month, Mosqueda teamed up with her like-minded colleague, Socialist council member Kshama Sawant, to pass a resolution to support the communist country. The propaganda outlet celebrates the resolution. Apparently, the only outlet supportive of the move was the one working for the communist party.

The resolution props up Cuba’s socialized medicine system — which pays its doctors about the equivalent of $70 a month, forcing them to take jobs as cab drivers to make ends meet — for its successful response to COVID.

While the resolution chides the United States for having “the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world,” it celebrates “Cuba’s free community-based healthcare system, unified government approach, and robust biopharmaceutical industry” for enabling “the country to effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Cuba has been so effective that they just announced strict 9 p.m. curfews of Havana’s 2.2 million residents amid a surge of cases. They also closed schools and curtailed travel. The success they did have is somewhat questionable, given the media in Cuba is state-sponsored.

The resolution, passed by the Seattle City Council 8-1, also calls on President Joe Biden to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba. Council member Alex Pedersen was the only member who rightly opposed the resolution.

Rantz: Seattle councilmember Mosqueda defends ‘kill yourselves’ threat to cops at protest

Celebrating Fidel Castro

The tweet Mosqueda amplified also featured a photo of a young, “highly pleased” Fidel Castro smoking a cigar from 1960.

It’s unclear why Mosqueda would be proud of Castro, but it’s likely for political gain. Socialists in Seattle — the kind who show blind loyalty to Sawant as if she’s a cult leader — think Castro is a folk hero for the socialist Cuban utopian. She’ll need uneducated activists to give her their Democracy Vouchers during her re-election campaign. Redistribution of wealth, am I right?

Castro put gays in forced labor camps. He tried to hire former SS officers to instruct his army during the Cuban missile crisis. The tyrant didn’t recognize independent labor unions or a free press. And he would throw activists, journalists, and free thinkers in jail if they questioned him.

Of course, his regime was also responsible for the murder of scores of innocent Cubans.

While pandering for votes to the LGBTQ community, Jews, union and media members, and anyone with even a cursory understanding of history, I hope Mosqueda will explain all this.

Mosqueda meanwhile did not respond to requests for comment.




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  1. Lynette Giles Lynette Giles February 24, 2021

    They are demons and demonization. Our collecting together, worthship that is accepted by God, and receiving Him at a very early age are protections. But it was all a very bad attack from the beginning for us starting with the “imperfection” of Lucifer and God not searching it out then. I suspect He was poisoned then, and thou can probably figure it out.

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