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Radical Left Says Conservatives Guilty of Inciting Winter Weather Across Texas

By Jared Dyson

Dallas, TX — Much of the state of Texas is still under brutally cold temperatures and dealing with power outages, giving the radical Left another opportunity to try to drive a climate change narrative. This time, the narrative was different from what was expected.

Left-wing media outlets were running stories and radicals were making claims that the current winter weather situation in Texas is the fault of conservatives. Yes, conservatives have conspired together once again and have incited winter weather. Perhaps they used that social media app, Parler, once again to incite damages to the American people.

While I would love to say how ridiculous this sounds and that it is not true, the sad part is that it is true. One outlet claimed that the current situation is a complete failure of conservatism. They argued that Texas’ standpoint of remaining independent from federal oversight in the power grid was causing undue suffering. I’m sure that Texans are not complaining about the power rates being less than the national average half the rate of the state of California. By the way, does anyone remember how California struggles to keep the power on for their citizens with insanely large blackouts for days amid intense government regulation?

The argument continued that people should expect that their government would keep them alive and warm in their own homes. Yes, the idea is that the government is responsible for providing you everything you need in order to live a nice comfortable life. You should not be responsible for your life at all. That probably makes me about as unpopular as the Colorado City mayor that resigned over his harsh comments.

Even Hollywood wanted in on the action as Bette Midler claims that God hated the Senators from Texas and this was his way of getting back at them. She said that this was payback for their hateful, vicious, and cruel actions in the past.

Other sites are choosing to attack conservative leaders across Texas as out of touch and refusing to deal with the issues that they have in their state. In this article, it was said that these leaders would prefer to use the Trump guide for COVID-19 rather than actually help their people. How quickly the Left has forgotten all the actions Trump took to control COVID-19’s spread and leading the way in Operation Warp Speed to deliver a vaccine so quickly.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) jumped in on the action to blame Texas leaders for refusing to help people.

But they attack these leaders for failing to help their people. According to the Texas DOT, many of the roads in the state are still impassable. They are encouraging people to stay home for their safety. You would think the Left would appreciate orders to keep someone at home in the middle of an emergency. After all, that’s what they wanted all year last year. This is a crazy winter storm, unlike anything the state has ever dealt with.

Time and again the Left wants to use any form of crisis to attempt to attack conservatives. As they always say, never let a good crisis go to waste. But their blame here shows their absolute hatred of conservatives and their hypocrisy like no other.

When it’s convenient to blame a conservative, they will blame them like they are now. Any other time, they would use the excuse that this is being caused by climate change. Any other time, AOC would be using this as a means to argue for her Green New Deal. She would normally be arguing that this is a time to take action to save the environment before we are buried under 30 feet of snow globally, then transition to experiencing a 150-degree heat wave the next day.

That’s not the popular political winds right now, however. The popular thing is to blame conservatives for everything. After all, somehow this situation in Texas is the fault of former President Donald Trump.

Just when you think that the Left cannot get any more ridiculous, they raise the bar one more notch. While the cold snap will end, the stupidity of the Left is here to stay.


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