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Propaganda & Fear Alert: MSM Says “Much More Aggressive Shutdowns Are Needed”

Mainstream media outlets continue to do their jobs as the ruling class pulls the strings. The New York Times is now claiming that “much more aggressive shutdowns” are needed or COVID-19 will kill one million Americans.

Isn’t this fear-mongering getting old? It should be abundantly clear that those who are desperate to keep their power are needing the public to be afraid of everything. The article published by The New York Times cites no source, but Americans, by and large, have rejected logic and reason in exchange for horrifying levels of fear.

The editorial warns, “well over a million” Americans “may ultimately die” from COVID-19. The paper does not cite a source for that estimate, which seems highly implausible based on the death toll so far, projections for the next few months, the gap between total infections and confirmed cases, and a crude case-fatality rate that continues to fall.

According to Reason Magazine, independent data scientist Youyang Gu, who has a good track record of predicting COVID-19 fatalities, is currently projecting about 231,000 deaths in the United States by November 1. The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projects 295,000 deaths by December 1. Assuming those projections prove to be about right, the Times is predicting that the death toll will quadruple during the months before an effective vaccine can be deployed, which might happen early next year.

The Times wants a six to eight-week hard lockdown while noting that Americans may be already tired of obeying the commands of tyrants for something that has turned out to be statically negligent, EVEN IF you believe the numbers being reported on by the media are accurate.

This is nothing more than fear-based propaganda, and that should be obvious. However, that does not mean preparations should cease. Things are going to get more interesting before this year is over. It’s hard to say what’s in store for us, but those with a grip around our throats won’t release it without a fight.

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  1. Paul S Smith Paul S Smith August 12, 2020

    The msm and their puppet masters are all clinically and dangerously insane. As this “pandemic” is quickly winding down, by nature, no thanks to the incredibly inept, ill-conceived, and inherently feckless government mandates, the dumb-asses are doing what they always do……doubling down on stupid.

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