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Prepare for the mother of all s**t storms if Sweden pulls this off

If Sweden, which has not locked down its economy and society, emerges with a death toll from COVID-19 that is somewhere in the middle of the pack of European countries, there is going to be a lot of recrimination, particularly against those who have tried to silence any discussion about the true extent of the threat that COVID-19 actually poses

In a word: Sweden. What happens if they pull this off? What happens if it turns out that we could have coped with COVID-19 without collapsing entire sectors of the economy putting millions on the dole, and imposing some of the most draconian restrictions on civil liberties in living memory?

Sweden has not closed the bars. Shopping malls are open. Schools and companies are open too. There are some restrictions such as on gatherings of over 500 people. But, in comparison with most European countries, life in Sweden is relatively normal.

Right now, Sweden’s death rate from coronavirus is 33 per million of the population. In France it is 83. In Italy it is 230. In Britain it is 43. In the Netherlands it is 78.

In the United States the number of deaths per million of the population is 18, but many argue that the outbreak in America took off later, and European levels of fatality from the virus are on their way. We shall see.

But, in any case, which levels of European fatality? The figures are all over the place. Partly this must be due to different ways in which the death toll is being counted.

In some countries, COVID-19 is being listed as the cause of death merely if it appears somewhere on the death certificate. In other words, you may have been days away from dying from terminal lung cancer, but if you had contracted COVID-19 in the meantime, your death will be listed in the overall COVID-19 fatality numbers. In other countries, it has to have been the single most obvious cause of death to make it into the same statistics.

Sweden appears to be in the latter category, which may be making their numbers look a little lower than in countries which list things differently. But probably not enough to radically change the comparisons.


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  1. Gran Gran April 4, 2020

    Fauci has to GO

  2. Doug Miller Doug Miller April 5, 2020

    Yeah… what happens if Sweden does the right thing in respect of a pulmonary flu and the rest of the world is manipulated by the barons of bastardisation, making all of the rest of the governments full buffoons….. which we already know but it is a classic case of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” right before our eyes… so, folks what do we do when we learn that the governments are just pulling out strings and making us go through all this for a seriously contagious flu and nothing more? What if we have all been just HAD, DONE, flummoxed and conned?

    What are you going to do?

    Will be there be a fury?

    Will there be pitchforks and torches?

    Or, as I might expect, will there be nothing, absolutely nothing because the general and total level of guts in most of the populations of the world is ZERO! ZIP! Sheeple ready and prepared to be shorn, not worth the life they’ve been given to live for they do not respect it enough to fight for it.

    Not that there are some that do – but I doubt those numbers can mass enough to make a serious difference in burning down the entire criminal establishment that has imprisoned humanity…. and from the behaviour it is showing these days, it is ALL imprisoned, cowardly sheep not willing to stand up for themselves or for what is right anymore. They’ve had the humanity trained out of them so that their general call to each other is “Baaaaaaaaa” and not much more.

  3. End time prophet End time prophet April 5, 2020


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