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Pandora’s Apartheid Box

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Part 1 – Time to open Pandora’s Apartheid Box.

When we were children, we could never understand what the church minister meant when he said that all sins are sins and all sins are equally bad. It did not make sense to us, because telling a lie is not as bad as murdering someone…or is it?

Personally I believe that lying is far more dangerous than murder. Lying can kill entire civilizations.

You see…Lying is an art. There are many facets to it, but basically successful lying works like this:

You start with a massive lie. Some idiots will believe it, some will be mildly skeptic and a few intelligent ones will dismiss it as hogwash. Then you tone the lie down a bit, and those mildly skeptic ones becomes believers and the few intelligent ones who thought they knew the truth start doubting themselves and think, “OK, some of it might be true, but it is mostly bullshit”.

And so it carries on…you tone the lie down a little bit more until everyone accepts it as the truth. See, people do not believe lies, because they have to, but because they want to…But there are lies and then there are statistics…and then there is the truth. And that is what I profess to. And so the lie of Apartheid and everything about it was started as a massive lie until Apartheid was accepted as a crime against humanity on the 30th of November 1973.

The Crime of Apartheid Was it a Crime?

A Crime against humanity? Or was it the fairest system ever created for multicultural societies? These are the questions I want to explore in a series of articles.

“Why”, you ask?

This so called “Crime of Apartheid” is a demon released from Pandora‟s Box. It has far reaching consequences that were previously not considered. It has consequences and it is making people nervous…everyone from international corporations, international church organizations to sovereign nations are currently biting their nails…

What is the motivation to open Pandora‟s Box? Does common sense not tell you to rather keep it shut? Do you really want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? When it comes to “The Crime of Apartheid”, the only motivation is GREED. So who are these greedy people brave enough to open Pandora‟s Apartheid Box? They are called

The Khulumani support group

Khulumani means “To speak out” in the Zulu Language.

So let us speak out. Let us not hold back anymore. Let us not pay 20,000 blacks R30,000 “restitution for suffering under Apartheid” like the ANC did after the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission”).

To understand it better I have to take you back a while to when us whites willingly handed power over to the Blacks in 1994…

We thought we had an honest deal. The deal was actually simple. We wanted the international community to lift all economic and sport sanctions against us so we could play Rugby and take part in the Olympics. In exchange we asked the ANC to stop planting bombs in shopping centres and landmines on farm roads, we told the international community that we were willing to bury the hatchet with the ANC, provided they do the same.

We wanted to bury Apartheid and build a fantastic country all working together to make the country even stronger than what it was. We thought it was achievable, because we always got on well with our Black domestics in our homes or our black colleagues at work.

We knew nothing about the communist agitations happening in the townships. Most of us were political dunces at the time. Our political beliefs were very liberal after we left (brainwashing) school and entered the realm of Liberal activist student politics.

The reality was that when we buried the hatchet, the ANC continued the struggle. They have not at the time, neither now achieved their ultimate goal, which is a total communist South Africa…and therefore will continue the struggle until there is not a single white person left in South Africa.

How did I realize that the ANC was continuing the struggle?

I saw it with the TRC, I saw it with the introduction of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. I saw that the ANC was not willing to let it all go. They were not interested in burying the hatchet. The ANC was not interested in “A better life for all”.

The ANC was only interested in making as much money for themselves and screw the rest of all South Africans, Black or White.

The ANC equals Greed. Nothing will ever be enough. You cannot bargain or deal with them because they will take everything you put on the table and demand more. It is futile to deal with these Marxist terrorists. Dealing with them will mean you will lose everything you have and they will not give up a single thing they have. You will keep on giving until you have nothing more to give, at which point you become expendable. That is when they will kill you. We as ordinary whites in South Africa are fast approaching that stage