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Overpopulation Myth: Humanity Will Begin Shrinking This Century

The myth of overpopulation leads to massive human rights abuses in population control programs.

Human rights abuses include forced sterilization, forced abortion, hefty fines, kids born outside of population control program not allowed school, among others

The myth of overpopulation prohibits other solutions that can bring prosperity to everyone.

Solutions come from human ingenuity — better farming practices, more efficient water distribution and storage, more efficient electrical production, less waste, more production.

The world is aging, not booming.

46% of the world’s population lives in countries with below replacement level fertility rates.

Fertility levels worldwide are going down — not up.

Worldwide, the story is the same: People are having fewer children than ever before

Overpopulation Is a Myth.

Get the Facts. Spread the Word.

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