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OUTRAGEOUS: Last Week Judge Emmet Sullivan Was Ordered to Dismiss General Flynn Case – What the Hell is this Corrupt Judge Waiting For?!?!!

By Joe Hoft

week ago today the DC Appeals Court dropped all charges against General Michael Flynn Case!

The Appeals Court ordered:

—Sullivan to dismiss the case

—Gleeson’s appointment as “amicus” immediately “vacated”.


President Trump weighed in almost immediately!

Judge Sullivan and his Deep State attorneys argued that the government could charge you, hide evidence, fine you and bankrupt you AFTER charges from the government were dropped due to massive corruption identified in the made up case.

After the government ended their case and the defense for Flynn agreed to end the case, corrupt Judge Sullivan obtained attorneys who previously represented corrupt Deep State DAG Sally Yates.

On May 11, 2020, John Gleeson penned a Washington post article titled, “The Flynn case isn’t over until the judge says it’s over“.  This was published in the far left Washington Post – John Gleeson also represented despicable deep state heroine Sally Yates.

Another Sally Yates attorney signed the amicus along with Gleeson that was sent to the Circuit Court.  David O’Neil – the attorney for Sally Yates – assisted in Sullivan’s amicus.

General Flynn was lied to, set up multiple times before and after the Trump inauguration, excessively and to the point of illegally unmasked, targeted, ambushed in the White House, falsely accused, threatened with his son being indicted, provided corrupt legal counsel (the same firm where corrupt Obama former AG Eric Holder works), harassed for 3 years, belittled, slandered, besmirched by the judge, harassed by the judge, and then the attorneys going after him were the same attorneys who represented the corrupt Sally Yates who lied and told President Trump General Flynn lied. 

We reported yesterday that Flynn was targeted by the Obama Administration and John Brennan.  Flynn was going to audit the CIA and the Intel Community because General Flynn knew the Obama Administration was running billions off the books (i.e. they were hiding their corrupt activities in the billions of dollars).

The Obama gang is doing all they can to prevent General Flynn from outing their massive corruption.  Corrupt Judge Sullivan is helping them.  Judge Sullivan needs to be put in jail.  The case has ended and it should be ended formally – NOW!


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  1. Tyson Tyson July 1, 2020

    That judge needs to be yanked from the bench and charged with something…. this cannot be legal.

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