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Oregon’s Fake Crisis is a Socialist Passion Play as Wheeler Secretly Houses Antifa

By Kelly OConnell

INTRO: Oregon Leaders Conspire
As conspiracies go, today’s events in Oregon are so brazen you’d have to be resting inside a block of cement not to connect the dots. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler assiduously avoids outside help for the continuous Antifa melee, even after murders. Why? Oregon politicians set up riots to gain momentum for their leftist schemes, pretending violence to be accidental when all leaders collude on the necessary elements. Bonus Question: Were attempts to “torch” Wheeler’s condo a friendly hoax?

Woke DA Seeks “Restorative” Justice System

Portland’s Multnomah County DA, Mike Schmidt refuses prosecutions despite 500+ rioters arrested. Schmidt bases dismissals upon the rioter’s intentions, demanding “rioters be heard”, calling for laws “decreasing racial disparities,” seeking to end cash bail, dumping mandatory minimum sentences while touting his “Equity, Dignity and Opportunity Council.”

Portland Govt Pays For Antifa Lodgings!

Rioters go nightly to a campground funded by Portland, who refuses prosecution, yet covers BLM’s lodgings! Of course, Woke Gov Kate Brown declines National Guard despite widespread mayhem, stating, “For those experiencing racism and discrimination first hand, I know slow and steady progress towards justice doesn’t feel fast enough,” calling the riots a “distraction.” “Achieving racial justice and accountability for law enforcement is my goal here.” Hundred-day riots equal “slow, steady progress”!

Portland’s Woke Morality Play
Playing now is a Woke Morality Production, a modern Wakefield Mystery Play, as actors don costumes, miming a Passion of the Socialists. As Mystery Plays illustrated Bible stories to an illiterate 15th century populace, Portland’s daily production teaches ignorant rubes the horrors of capitalist democracy. Best, all of this is not just avoidable, but a wholly contrived revolution, victims be damned. Everyone plays their role daily while American Woke leaders guffaw at the illiterate masses.

Central Elements of Leftism

Elements of Woke leftism include being both smarter and better educated, justifying continual dismissive condescension. Existing in a sacred, secret society, serving humanity, so they’re Gnostics, saved by knowledge, not faithWokes save the world, justifying secrecy, equivocation and lies. Pragmatics means the ends justify the means. Marx wrote a revolutionary Bible whose truths are inevitable. Man has no soul but can be trained. Family is irrelevant compared to politics. Power and money define class society. Police are bad. There is no God, heaven/hell, sin or afterlife. Everything is good that helps Marxism.

CONCLUSION: Central Question – Why Violence?

Marx taught socialists will subdue the globe by force, writing: “The Communists…openly declare their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” BLM, a Marxist group, is violent, as is Antifa by self-defintion. Oregon’s leaders, and many other leftist states, purposefully sponsor a carnage morality show to prove America needs more peace and justice. Yet, this mission is anti-American as against general US public policy, the US Constitution/Bill of Rights, and destructive of our economic prerequisites and political system. This is absolutely psychotic, no?!! But what are we doing to stop it?


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