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Obama hits the news cycle to keep his involvement in General Flynn’s entrapment buried

There’s a very unambiguous reasons President Obama is all over the news the last couple of days.

Search Engine Reputation Management is a public relations tactic. It’s intended to cover up for anything someone doesn’t want to be easily found in search engines like Google. The technique is easy, especially when it comes to the news: Offer things that are more recent and potentially more important than the original bad press so the new news will pop up ahead of the old.

Last week, it was revealed that President Obama lied about knowledge of the General Michael Flynn FBI investigation. Not only did he know about it, but he was very involved initially in getting the ball rolling despite being two weeks away from handing over the reins to President Trump. This is, of course, bad optics for a former president, so he decided to bury the story. How? By offering up “leaks” that mentioned both him and General Flynn.

As a result, searching today for terms like “Obama Flynn” will no longer present the many stories written about his involvement with the Flynn investigation. Like magic, it has disappeared, replaced by the newer yet less important story about him invoking “rule of law” in opposition to General Flynn’s recent exoneration.

In our last episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, Tammy and I go into great detail about how President Obama pulled it off and why it’s absolutely disgusting. You can also just watch the video above for that individual snippet, though I obviously recommend listening to the entire juicy podcast.

Twitter did their part to try to stop the spread of the scandal. They tried to keep #ObamaGate from trending, but the sheer mass of Tweets couldn’t be completely contained.

This is such a despicable act of coverup by the former President… and he’s going to get away with it. Why? Because the news cycle is too short, especially in the coronavirus era, and the search engines are far too easy for powerful people to manipulate.


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