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OAN: Sentient Supercomputer Flipped Republican Votes

By Rondell Pettus  

It’s been more than a week since Democrat Joe Biden soundly beat President Donald Trump, but Republicans are still acting saltier than a box of Ritz crackers.   

Many of them refuse to believe Biden won fair and square and have taken to pushing a series of outlandish conspiracy theories. And naturally, One America News (OAN,) a network that never met a conspiracy theory it didn’t like, is home to some of the whackiest ideas.  

According to OAN, the election was flipped because of a “sentient supercomputer,” designed by Silicon-valley socialists.  

“Sources in the Pentagon claim that one of their AI-driven battle computers got out of control and achieved sentience,” according to an OAN story. “Since it was programmed by left-wingers in Silicon Valley, it’s naturally biased against conservatives. And that’s why it automatically flipped votes from Republican to Democrat.” 

This conspiracy theory sounds a lot like another nutty idea being pushed by Republicans. According to  The Daily Beast, several Republicans blamed the election results on a “Deep State supercomputer.”  

“The election fraud claims center on Dennis Montgomery, a former intelligence contractor and self-proclaimed whistleblower who claims to have created the ‘Hammer’ supercomputer and the ‘Scorecard’ software some Trump fans believe was used to change the votes,” said Daily Beast writer Will Sommer.   

However, according to FactCheck, the person pushing this idea is a well-known scam artist.  

“Montgomery has a history of making dubious claims going back more than a decade. A company he co-owned, called eTreppid, won millions of dollars in federal defense contracts following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. But, according to an FBI investigation in 2006, his partner in the business said that he deceived Pentagon officials,” said FactCheck. “In one case, according to an FBI interview with the business partner, Montgomery fabricated a test for Department of Defense officials of the company’s ‘recognition software’ for weapons.” 

Also, Christopher Krebs, the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity chief, stated there was no widespread election fraud. Trump fired him on Tuesday.   



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