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News Stories And Articles September 8th 2020



America’s Sacred Freedom of Speech on Life Support


Fort Hood Disappearances, Murders, Deaths Continue Amid Investigations, Leadership Changes


The Media Are Lying About The Election Again


Michigan GOP says headquarters vandalized with ‘radical anti-police statements’


Trump Gets Huge Polling News as Texas Refuses To Turn Blue for Biden


Black Georgia Man Who Stabbed Stranger Because He ‘Felt the Need to Find a White Male to Kill,’ Murders White Cell Mate Following His Arrest


Donald Trump Dismisses 1619 Project as ‘Revisionist History’


There Never Was a “Woods File” Underpinning The Carter Page FISA Application – Here’s How We Know


It’s Time To Bring Back ‘The Minutemen’…Neo-Bolsheviks Are Coming To Your Town by L Todd Wood


Desperately Derailing Donald


Second Democratic sheriff announces move to Republican party after anti-police rhetoric from the left


Trump Campaign Not Allowed to Contest Democrats’ Election Lawsuit in Pennsylvania


Organizers Of “White House Siege” Predict” Things Could Turn Very Ugly” – Predicts New Civil War


How Refusing To Wisely Manage California’s Resources Led To Incessant Blackouts


Those “Palestinian Textbooks”: A Comedy of Errors, Or Deliberate Deception? (Part 1)


Police Chief Under Investigation After Charging Virginia Democrat, NAACP Leaders in BLM Monument Attack


How Government Literally Drives People Insane


The real oppressors of American blacks: White liberals!


VIDEO: Homeowner Catches Leftist Urinating on Trump Sign, Blasts Miscreant With Paintball Gun


Police allow pro-lifers to paint “black preborn lives matter” outside Baltimore Planned Parenthood


Sperry: John Brennan Was Running Secret CIA Task Force Out of Langley to Investigate Trump Before FBI Probe Launched in July 2016


“Wildfire Crisis” – Record-Breaking Heat Sparks 23 Fires, Rolling Blackouts Across Golden State


Army veteran commits suicide while livestreaming on Facebook and video circulates on TikTok


Vanderbilt Quiz On The Constitution Marked Students Wrong If They Said It Was Not Designed To Perpetuate White Supremacy


US Troops & Abrams Tanks Arrive In Lithuania For Military Drills Along Border With Belarus


Liar in chief Schiff still lacks evidence and ability to speak the truth


Here We Go Again. Triggered Liberals Call for ANOTHER Boycott of Hobby Lobby


Saul Alinsky and the War on the Police




China Has ‘Disappeared’ Tens of Thousands Under System of ‘State-Sanctioned Kidnapping’: Report


Belarusian President Claims IMF & World Bank Offered him a Bribe to Impose COVID Restrictions


Left Using Same Coronavirus Tactics Against Netanyahu In Israel As They Have Against Trump


Chinese State Media Gloats: Biden’s ‘Worldview Runs Parallel To Beijing’s


Turkey threatens Greece over disputed Mediterranean territorial claims


Beijing Delays Visas For Journalists From WSJ, CNN & Bloomberg As President Xi Cracks Down On Dissent


NATO jets have changed war-game tactics, now routinely simulate MISSILE STRIKES against Russia – Defense Minister Shoigu


India, China accuse each other of firing shots at tense border


India Test Fires ‘NextGen Hypersonic Weapon’ As Border Tensions With China Surge


Confiscating Books in Sweden


Saudi Court Hands Down 20 Year Sentences As ‘Final Verdict’ In Khashoggi Killing


S. Africa’s Ramaphosa introduces new bills against gender-based violence


Defying US, Xi praises China, WHO for battling coronavirus


China says Australian journalist Cheng Lei detained on national security grounds


Australian journalists flown out of China ‘amid diplomatic standoff’




VIDEO: New York Public School Assistant Principal Caught Chanting “F*** the Police” At Rochester Race Riot


Oregon’s Fake Crisis is a Socialist Passion Play as Wheeler Secretly Houses Antifa


BLM Chaos and the Need for a History Lesson


Food Lion sides with America, Detroit federal judge sides with Antifa


The Full List – Here Are The 269 Companies Who Are Supporting BLM & Antifa


Oregon Governor Refuses to Explain Why She Didn’t Condemn Antifa


Michael Reinoehl appeared to target right-wing demonstrator before fatal shooting in Portland, police say


Biden Condemns Antifa, Calls on President to Condemn ‘Far Right Folks’


‘The height of hypocrisy’: Wealthy student busted for taking part in BLM rampage which caused $100K worth of damage


Seattle to Shut Down Bethel Worship Event While Allowing BLM Protests


Watch: Charlotte BLM Rioters Chant ‘F*** Your Jesus’


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


PSEUDOSCIENCE: Dr. Anthony Fauci Publishes Paper Blaming ‘Climate’ Problems for Pandemics


Chinese drug firm Sinovac says thousands of employees and their families have been given its Covid-19 vaccine


Bill Gates Funds Invisible Quantum Tattoo Hidden In Coronavirus Vaccine For Storing Vaccination History


Spain First In Western Europe To Top 500k COVID-19 Cases As “Second Wave” Intensifies: Live Updates

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