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News Stories And Articles September 11th 2020



Trump Will Be Reelected In A Landslide, But Then..


Barr: ‘There could be’ more criminal charges in Durham investigation


Backing the Blue: Over 80% of voters believe police deserve ‘support and respect’


James Mattis Is Caught Suggesting Potential Military Coup Against Trump


James Mattis Warned Intelligence Chief: ‘Collective Action’ May Be Required Against Trump


STRIPE DE-PLATFORMS CDMEDIA For Credit Card Processing 55 Days Before Election For Reporting On Biden Criminal Activity…5 Big-Tech Platforms Have Now De-Platformed


Trump Reveals U.S. Has Secret Nuclear Weapon Capabilities: Russia, China Don’t Even Know It Exists


Our System Is Crumbling Right In Front of Our Eyes by Daisy Luther


Exclusive: Facebook Allows Controversial Antifa Group to Stay on Site


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Proposes Legislation to ‘Defund Cities that Defund the Police’


Court blocks Trump order to exclude undocumented immigrants from census


California Fires, Highway Fireballs, Russian Laser Warfare, Directed-Energy Weapons Give ‘Do the DEW’ New Meaning


Trotsky’s permanent revolution from hell in America


Email Shows Robert Mueller Caught in a Lie to Congress


Mueller’s team erased at least15 phones after DOJ IG requested them


It’s Not a Conspiracy If It’s Out in the Open


Feds ramp up probe into PPP fraud, charge 57 people with trying to steal $175M


Why the polls are wrong again: As in 2016, Trump supporters are not divulging their vote intentions


Day 4 at California Online School And They’re Already Bringing in Marxism – Angry Parent Offers Video Proof


Abortionist Who Bragged Babies Can’t Scream Because She Cuts Their Cords Has Medical License Suspended


Adam Schiff’s Latest Russia ‘Whistleblower’ Investigated By House Intel, Inspector General, & Was Fired From DHS For Surveilling Press


California Deputy Charged With Allegedly Stealing Suspect’s Debit Card and Giving It To Her Son


Why Did the DIA Invite a Left-Wing Activist to Give a Lecture?


Diana Rigg, star of ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ dead at 82


Supposedly Reliable Steele Acted ‘Crazy,’ His FBI Handler Says: ‘People’s Ears Were Bleeding.’


Why Remember 9/11 If We Are Not Honoring the Dead By Avenging Their Deaths? by John D. Guandolo


The Morning Briefing: Memories of 9/11 During A Different Kind of Painful Time for America


September 11, 2001 through the Eyes of a Child




Half Million People Evacuated in Oregon As Wildfires Spread, Arson Concerns Grow


Burger King Depicts Mascot in Gay Kiss with Ronald McDonald for New Ad Campaign


From Terrorists to Viruses: Dystopian Progress


The Global Police State Is Swiftly Rising


America’s Post 9/11 Wars Have Forced 37 Million People From Their Homes: New Study


Laura Loomer Calls Out Anti-Defamation League for Losing ‘Moral Authority’ and Backing Anti-Semites


Fight — or the Dems Will Steal This Election


Facebook Allows Alleged BABY RAPIST to Keep Account, Bans Kyle Rittenhouse


Thousands Sign Petition Urging Leaders to Prosecute Pelosi for Coronavirus Violations


All Of The Bad News In 2020 Is Causing A Shockingly High Number Of Americans To “Seriously Consider” Suicide


Highly Calculated Assassination Plot Against Trump Exposed


GOP Voter Registrations in Battleground State Pennsylvania Soar


It’s about time! GOP introduces legislation to reform Section 230 of Communications Act to reign in Big Tech censorship




Shift to ‘strategic clarity’ on Taiwan a further risk to US-China relations


Huge fire rages at Beirut port, weeks after devastating explosion


US Aircraft Caught Spying On Chinese Missile Test Disguised As “Malaysian Plane”


India-China border dispute live updates: Indian Army occupies heights overlooking the Chinese Army positions at Finger 4 along Pangong Tso lake


Russia And West Vie For Control Of Balkans…Trump Is Winning by L Todd Wood


Talks with India come with war preparedness: Global Times editorial


What Possible Disruption Is Coming That Requires China To Start Massive Stockpiling Of All Possible Commodities


Russian warplanes strike jihadist stronghold near Turkish border


Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan airspace for second day


UK Strikes Historic Free Trade Deal With Japan As Brussels Threatens To Abandon Talks


Great Britain Extends Condolences on ‘America’s Darkest of Days’




Brat Pack! Kids of the elite traveled to NYC to riot, one’s the son of comic book elite


Woman Attacks Security Guard in Seattle with a Machete After ID’ing Him as an ‘Officer’


Stanford expert blasts COVID lockdown failures: ‘We quarantined the healthy … exposed the sick’


USC professor placed on leave after black students say pronunciation of Chinese word affected their mental health


EXCLUSIVE: New York Times’ 1619 Project author says Founding Fathers ‘did not believe in democracy,’ America is ‘not an exceptional nation’


Rumors About Antifa Setting Wildfires Are False: Law Enforcement


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


France Suffers Record Jump In COVID-19 Cases As Europe’s “Second Wave” Builds: Live Updates


CDC: People with COVID-19 twice as likely to have eaten out at a restaurant before getting sick


What a Smoky Bar Can Teach Us about the ‘6-Foot Rule’ During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Dr. Fauci Warns “We Need To Hunker Down To Get Through This Fall And Winter Because It’s Not Going To Be Easy”


Jets Wide Receiver Charged With Stealing $1.2MM In PPP Funds, Blowing It On Jewelry And Gambling


DoD Explains How Contractors Will Get Reimbursed for COVID Expenses — If Congress Cuts a Check


COVID Diagnostic Test: Worst Test Ever Devised? by Jon Rappoport


AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Test Subjects Stricken With Multiple Sclerosis and Rare Spinal Cord Disorder


Corona “Marshals” Patrol UK Cities To Enforce Social-Distancing


Former police chief stricken with COVID-19 kills himself to protect family from coronavirus

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