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News Stories And Articles October 8th 2019




Antifa plans disruption of Trump rally in Minneapolis on Oct 10th, Oath Keepers calls for volunteers to keep attendees safe


Report: Impeachment Tied To Russiagate Hoax, Democrats Terrified Truth Will Surface


Clarence Thomas absent ‘due to illness’ as Supreme Court begins new term


Colonel Allen West Lays Out The Case For Impeaching President Barak Hussein Obama


Ukraine ‘Anti-Corruption’ Director Bragged About Helping Hillary Clinton In 2016: Leaked Audio


Pelosi calls Trump’s planned withdrawal from northern Syria ‘a deeply disturbing development’


Democrats Hell-Bent On Tearing America Apart Ahead Of 2020


Turkey’s Syria incursion may allow ISIS to attempt mass prison break amid US withdrawal, Kurdish fighters warn


Rare Fox News Segment Details Saudi State Sponsorship Of 9/11 Attacks


House Dems claim they have the 217 votes needed to pass articles of impeachment against Trump


Are These the Five Tweets That Change the World? by Tom Luongo


Will the Russians Ever Learn? by Paul Craig Roberts


Jeff Daniels To Play James Comey, Brendon Gleeson As Evil Trump In 4 Hour Miniseries


Hillary Clinton ‘dead even’ with Trump in 2020 matchup


Is John Bolton The “Second Whistleblower”? by Michael Snyder


The Madness of Progressive Projection by Victor Davis Hanson


REPORT: Dems Consider Hiding Identity of Whistleblower From GOP Lawmakers by Holding Testimony in Remote Location – Changing His Appearance, Voice


Ukrainian Who Raised Money for Schiff’s Campaign Received Lucrative Defense Contracts


For the Soul of America, ‘Shifty’ Schiff Must Go


Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order Authorizing Theft of Voter-Approved Gas Tax Money


Watch Paralyzed Man Walk Thanks To Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Suit


Trump Impeachment Like KGB Operation – Kevin Shipp


Rand Paul Defends Trump’s Decision to Withdraw Troops From Syria


Elizabeth Warren’s Story About Getting Fired For Being “Visibly Pregnant” Unravels After Documents, Video Emerge


No, Capitalism Doesn’t Threaten Humanity


The Joker and the Ideology of Destructionism


Dearborn Public Schools Bow to Sharia Law at Taxpayer Expense – Now Serve ONLY Halal Meat


By 2020 Will Fox News Be The Biggest Anti-Trump Network?


Willie Brown Stiffs Kamala Harris; Says Hillary Clinton The Only One Who Can Beat Trump


Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover A Hard To Swallow Truth About Vaccines


The ‘Whistleblower’ Probably Isn’t


IG could not explain 18-day window between Ukraine call and whistleblower complaint: sources


Self-Appointed Internet Police Declare and DOJ Vaccine Court Reports Fake News


FBI Data Shows 5 Times More People Killed by Knives Than Rifles Last Year


Prince Andrew Now Says Party-Filled 2010 Epstein Visit Was To ‘End Friendship’


MINNESOTASTAN: Shhhh…don’t tell anyone, but the 19 students facing felony charges for assault, terroristic threats, and possession of a dangerous weapon at St. Cloud Tech High School, likely are all Muslims


Romney Shows His True Colors


Liberal Minnesota Mayor Tries to Extort Money and Block President Trump from Holding Rally in Twin Cities


After Trump, We’re Next


Kunstler: “The Left Seems To Be Opting For Civil War”


Your Second Civil War: It Ain’t Happening.


Cory Booker: ‘If You Come After Joe Biden, You’re Going to Have to Deal With Me’


AOC Unveils Manifesto: “A Just Society” Means Rent Control, Abolish Prisons, Welfare For All Illegals


UPDATE: AG Bill Barr and John Durham Met with Italy’s Spy Chief Twice – Demanded Proof of former PM Renzi’s Involvement in Obama’s Spygate Scandal


Ilhan Omar files for divorce from husband Ahmed Hirsi amid affair allegations


New York: Cop Acquitted For Rape, Despite 5 Videos Showing Him Having Sex With Child


As Biden campaign tanks, major donors hold emergency closed-door meeting


Researchers confirm: Boost your brain health and relieve anxiety with curcumin, a natural antidepressant


Chicago Police Officers Told Not To Cooperate With DHS On Immigration Issues


Why Are UK Experts Recommending the HPV Vaccine for Seniors Over 60 Years Old?


Oops: It Looks Like The “Whistleblower” May Have Just Committed A Felony


MIT Researcher: In 2020 Independent less likely to vote Democrats


Discovery of how cells sense oxygen wins the 2019 medicine Nobel


The President’s Proclamation For Migrants: No Insurance, No Entry


11-Year-Old Iranian Girl Gets the Highest Mensa IQ Score, Beating Einstein, Hawking


Attention BDS fans: Bernie Sanders’s heart stents developed in Israel


FLASHBACK: Oliver Stone Flick Exposes Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Successful Coup in Ukraine – Media Silent (VIDEO)


Teen Girl Loses Memory of 3 Months of her Life and 1/3 of Her Body Weight after HPV Vaccination – Barely Escapes Medical Kidnapping


KFNX Talk Radio in Phoenix Airs the First Medical Kidnap Show Despite Pressure Not to Air It