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News Stories And Articles October 30th 2020



7 Things We Know About John Wei, Roy Cooper’s Right Hand ChiCom


Ouch! Michigan Democrat Admits Auto Workers “Were Very Clear With Me…They Were Voting For President Trump”


Massachusetts 2A Group Sues Cities Over Gun License Delays


VIDEO: Former Democrat who served in Minnesota House for 30 years plans to vote Trump


Mark Levin derides Dr. Fauci as ‘political hack’ trying to ‘sabotage’ Trump’s reelection bid


Police Departments In Major Cities Refuse To Say How They Are Preparing For Potential Protests Surrounding Election Day


TOSS YOUR COOKIES: Girl Scouts Delete Post Praising Justice Barrett


Jim Acosta Cries Over How He’s Treated At Trump Rallies – He Gets Rude Awakening


When Democrats speak their minds, they lose elections


How America Becomes Totalitarian


Leading Gunmaker Boosts Production, Still Can’t Meet Surging Demand


Prof: American flag is a ‘symbol of genocide’


Democrats’ Lurch Into Socialism Is Driving Young Cuban American Support For Trump


Hillary Clinton Announces She’s Joining Group That Delivered Victory to Trump: The Electoral College


Nevada Fines County For Allowing MAGA Rally, Trump Voters Strike Back


After Ten Years, Court Strikes Down Ruling Banning Ads Offering Help to Those Leaving Islam by Pamela Geller


Judge Rules Northam Can Remove Robert E. Lee Statue in Richmond


Intercept Co-Founder Resigns Because Colleagues Wouldn’t Let Him Criticize Joe Biden


Glenn Greenwald just quit the news site he co-founded because they censored him over his Biden article


The Intercept Responds To Greenwald Resignation, Says He’s ‘Throwing Tantrum’ Over ‘Dubious’ Biden Claims


Article on Joe and Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept


Record Early Voting In Texas Gives Democrats Hope Of Flipping State Blue


Potentially thousands of requested mail ballots lost in Butler County, official says


Life-Long Flint, Michigan, Democrat Who Voted for Hillary Endorses Trump


Schumer PAC Teams with Montana Liberals Disguised as Grassroots Hunting Group


Man In Florida Arrested For Allegedly Changing Address On DeSantis’ Voter Registration


A New Way to Plug a Human Brain Into a Computer: via Veins


It’s ‘High Noon’ in America
Just like the movie, Trump makes the last stand against violent outlaws.


Will the Presidential Election Bring Chaos and an Irredeemably Torn American Political Fabric? by Paul Craig Roberts


Is America Going To Let The Party Of Riots, Re-education Camps, Coups, Intolerance And Segregation Win The White House Tuesday?


Will we spring forward with Trump or fall back with Biden on Election Day?


Desperate Dems limit attendance at Trump rally in Minnesota today to 250


BOOM: Hunter’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Implicating Joe Biden Just BLEW UP


They Came For Our Guns. Then They Came For Our Vitamins. Now They Come for Our Bar-B-Ques. by Bill Sardi


In Wisconsin, a Stunning Loss at the Hands of Hackers


James O’Keefe Received Death Threats over Latest Videos About Alleged Election Fraud


The Democratic Party is the Dark Winter




Trump/Biden: Two Bombshell Breaking Stories by Jon Rappoport
And, why Trump must win


The Importance of the Constitution of Texas


Instagram Breaks Itself Before Halloween to Prevent Election Disinformation, or Something


Win or Lose, Dems Have Big Plans for America


Lawyer for Delaware shop owner: FBI initially turned down purported Hunter Biden laptop by John Soloman


My Resignation From The Intercept by Glenn Greenwald


Democrat-Run Hellholes Prepping for Election Night Violence Because Of Course


Doug Casey on Whether Your Vote Can Prevent a Civil War?


US States, Cities Bracing for Potential Civil Unrest After Election, Threat Actors Could Stoke Social Tensions




US-China tensions: American troops not planning attack on Chinese territory, Beijing says


Ex-Malaysia PM: Muslims have right to ‘kill millions of French people’


China would ‘seize’ the Philippines in a war with the US: former military chief Bautista


Lebanon’s Beirut Port Explosion Births Hundreds of Lawsuits


Why has Nice become a target for terrorism in France?


China vows to build ‘fully modern army’ by 2027 as Beijing policy meeting ends on defiant note


Maduro: Venezuela Has Less than Three Weeks’ Left of Gasoline Supply


Philippines taking aim at China’s sea militias


New Zealand poised to legalise euthanasia but not marijuana after referendum


Philippines to Expel 2,800 Chinese Nationals for Overstaying Visas


Hong Kong-born ex-CIA officer Alexander Ma’s China spying case too complex for speedy trial, US judge rules


Polish protesters target churches in week of unrest over abortion restrictions


‘Very big’ earthquake rattles Turkey and Greece, toppling buildings and sending residents fleeing




Chinese Communist Party Ties to Black Lives Matter by Trevor Loudon


BLM mob violently chases Jewish men showing ‘solidarity’ at Philadelphia protest


NY Times reporter: ‘Intensity of tweets’ from conservatives ‘looking to amplify/draw attention to’ Philly looting is ‘remarkable.’ So is the backlash.



Trump Says Police Were Told to “Stand Back” During Philly Riots


Rioters Hurl Fireworks at DC Police, Loot and Smash Store Windows


Philadelphia city council passes bill banning tear gas on rioters as violent unrest continues


Philadelphia truck bomb: Is Antifa escalating its war on America?


Nationwide warrant issued for CHOP murder suspect Marcel L. Long


Philadelphia Vietnamese Baptist Church is a “total loss” after protesters burned it Tuesday night


65% of College Students Say Rioting and Looting is ‘Justified,’ New Poll Finds


New Scottish Law Would Criminalize “Hate Speech” Even in Private Homes


Walter Wallace, Killed in Philadelphia Police Shooting, Was Convicted Repeat Violent Felon Awaiting Trial on Terroristic Threats


Washington governor busted lying about shutting down freeways during Seattle riots


WATCH: Protesters Retaliate Against Seattle TV Station for Reporting Riot Arrests


The ACLU Is Suing Police Across The Country For “Brutality” In Response To Riots And Looting This Summer


Top candidate for Portland mayor tweeted write-in ballot for communist dictators


“Not Pro-Black”: Wisconsin Students Unanimously Vote To Remove Lincoln Statue As Racist


Antifa a Dangerous Organization With Similar Structure to an Islamic Terror Cell: Police Spokesperson


Philly Police Were ‘Ordered Not to Arrest Looters’ by Deputy Police Commissioner Who Took A Knee For BLM


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID


New Research Points To The People’s Liberation Army Hospital In Wuhan As Origin For Global Coronavirus Pandemic


State will send $375 stimulus check to 435,000 Coloradans impacted by pandemic


CDC Admits: No Conclusive Evidence Cloth Masks Work Against COVID


Tens of thousands of heart attacks caused by preexisting conditions are being counted as COVID-19 deaths: CDC


Video: “And Now He’s Dead! LOL!” Gov Cuomo Jokes About Young Man Dying from Coronavirus – Then Repeats It, Except He Didn’t Die


Nine Covid Facts: A Pandemic of Fearmongering and Ignorance


The Seen and the Unseen of Covid-19


Florida Parents Sue After School District Orders Students to Wear Masks All Day


Police to Raid Homes, Break up Christmas Dinner to Enforce Lockdown Rules; Riots Expected


Anthony Fauci: 40 Years of Lies From AZT to Remdesivir