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News Stories And Articles October 26th 2020


A Darker Secret Behind The Biden Scandal by Brett Stevens


How the Hunter Biden laptop reveals pervasive corruption that’s destroying America


Sacred Vermin – Will Biden & Other Liberal Scoundrels Escape Punishment for All Evil Deeds?


AOC won’t say whether she’ll support Pelosi for speaker


Protesters hurl eggs at Rudy Giuliani, pro-Trump demonstrators in NYC


Russian Bankers Seek Deposition Of Steele Dossier Source Igor Danchenko


Nevada Republicans Ask Court to Pause Las Vegas-Area Ballot Counting


Virginia Supreme Court Allows Police to Use License Plate Readers As Mass Surveillance Tool to Track Drivers


In Republican-Controlled Wyoming, A Gun Rights Group is Now being Forced to Reveal its Donors


7-Year-Old Autistic Boy Handcuffed and Taunted Face Down For 40 Minutes In School


Court to review new definition of ‘woman’


Facebook Adds Label Defending Mail-In Voting to Breitbart News’ Post of Trump Rally Livestream


World Economic Forum: By 2030 ‘You Will Own Nothing’ (New World Order Detailed)


Republicans Ask Supreme Court to Relook at Pennsylvania Mail Ballot Extended Deadline


Political Candidate and Whistleblower Who Witnessed Fraud File Lawsuit Against Michigan Sec. of State Over #DetroitLeaks


Shock poll claims 30% of U.S. women under 25 identify as LGBT: dire implications


EPA Approves Radioactive Waste Product in Road Construction. Using It to De-Ice Roads Wasn’t Bad Enough?


Robot weapons raising concern for Congress


Official: Facing a Rifle During Road-Rage Incident, Man Won’t Be Charged After Taking Quick Action in Self-Defense


Cop Arrested For Using His Own Children To Make Child Porn


How the Media Would Report on the Dianne Feinstein ‘Scandal’ If She Were a Republican


Jellyfish are washing up by the thousands on a Texas beach and wildlife experts aren’t sure why


Supplier Of San Bernardino, Calif. Terrorists Gets 20 Years In Prison


WATCH: ‘Jews for Trump’ Caravan Rolls Thru New York City; Punches, Rocks Thrown


Senate Set for Vote on Barrett Supreme Court Confirmation


Senate set to confirm Barrett, in a vote, nominating process with no support from Democrats


The US Is Running Out of These 9 Foods FAST


The Government’s Case Against Michael Flynn Is Falling Apart


‘Economist’ Failed to Disclose Lucrative Beijing Ties


Trump Continues to Hurl Monkey Wrenches into the Gears of the Democrats’ Political Machine


Western Liberty R.I.P. by Paul Craig Roberts


Democrats Run America’s Rathole Cities


The New York Post endorses President Donald J. Trump for re-election


Hackers ‘Can’t Change Votes,’ Assures National Security Adviser


How to Prepare for the 2020 Post-Election CHAOS (and Get a FREE Post-Election Prep Checklist)


AOC: ‘It’s Critically Important That the Biden Administration Appoint Progressive Leaders’


Tropical Storm Zeta To Intensify Into Hurricane Leading To More Gulf Coast Chaos


Only Voting Can Prevent the Left’s Planned Coup


Revisionism and the Freedom Movement


Social Media Erupts Over Woman Who Focuses On Getting Her Dad To Vote For Biden While He Is Dying


Biden Appears to Confuse Trump With Former President George W. Bush in Virtual Event


Kanye West: Planned Parenthood Founded ‘to Kill the Black Race and to Create Population Control’


3 Top Officials Will Be Fired If Trump Wins Election — Likely SecDef & FBI, CIA Directors (Report)


Joe Biden Forgets Trump’s Name Again, Claims He Is Running Against “George Bush”


Sen. Ron Johnson: Biden ‘Lying’ About His Son Not Making Money in China


Same pathetic media that ran with the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax for years on NO evidence won’t cover Biden corruption story with an abundance of evidence (and a witness!)


Biden cuts off reporter, lashes out when confronted with question about Hunter Biden controversy


Joe Biden-Donor-Rich Goldman Sachs Admits to Record $1.6B Bribery Scheme


How to Fight the Culture War: A Lesson from Andrew Breitbart and Ayn Rand




South Korean’s Medical Association Urges Govt To Suspend Flu Shot Program After 25 People Die


This is the kind of stuff that China does: Fury as traffic flow cameras are secretly switched to monitor millions of pedestrians in UK government-backed secret Corona project


Canadians remember sixth anniversary of Parliament Hill terrorist attack


Tired of ‘corruption,’ pro-life Canadian husband and wife forming new political party


Israel Set To Permit US Warplanes Sale To UAE


Putin Defends Bidens, Becomes ‘Visibly Irritated’ When Asked About $3.5 Million Moscow Payment To Hunter


Turkey’s Erdogan urges boycott of French goods amid spat with Macron


Suspected Rwandan genocide financier Kabuga transferred to The Hague


Russia knocking Turkish drones from Armenian skies


Beijing Slaps Sanctions On Raytheon, Lockheed & Boeing In Retaliation For Taiwan Arms Sales


US and India ‘set to sign intelligence deal’ amid ongoing border stand-off with China


Russian air strikes kill dozens of Turkish-backed rebels in Syria, monitor says


Azerbaijan’s next move will make or break Karabakh war


German politicians call for US, Europe to form united front on China




BLM Protesters Assault Black Veteran, Steal American Flag – WATCH


And Then They Came for the Books…


Marxism: A Breeding Ground for Useful Idiots


Video: Antifa Rioter Sucker-Punch A Trump Supporter – Receives Instant Karma


America’s top business school deans discuss embedding more racial justice into business schools


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


CIA Funded Psychological Warfare Operation Was First to Report on the Corona Virus back in December 2019 — Months Before Western Media Outlets Had Begun Reporting on the Developing Pandemic


Politicians continue to lockdown Canadians


Beijing using the coronavirus pandemic to expand internet surveillance apparatus


CV-1984: Tyranny in Texas As Police Show Up At El Paso Residents’ Doorsteps Ordering Quarantine


Video: Furious Welshman Tears Down Sheeting off “Non-Essential” Goods in COVID Lockdown Protest




Average New US COVID-19 Cases Hits New Record As Hospitals Run Out Of Space: Live Updates


Are Recent Reports of COVID Surges an Attempt to Suppress In-Person Voting?


The Cult of the Brave New Normal


Chinese Authorities Scramble To Suppress Biggest COVID-19 Outbreak In Months