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News Stories And Articles October 17th 2020


Ice Cube says CNN canceled his interview because they ‘can’t handle the truth’


Security officer guarding Baltimore ballot box shot in attempted robbery, police say


Former Mexican defense minister arrested at Los Angeles airport on DEA warrant


Dr. Fauci Tells Americans to ‘Bite the Bullet and Sacrifice’ Thanksgiving


Why Is The FBI’s Top Child Porn Lawyer Involved In Hunter Biden Laptop Case?


Watch: Joe Biden lashes out at CBS News reporter for asking about NY Post’s story on Hunter


Source on alleged Hunter Biden email chain verifies message about Chinese investment firm


Exclusive — ‘This is China, Inc.’: Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Associates Helped Communist-Aligned Chinese Elites Secure White House Meetings


Biden Took Question From Former Obama-Biden Speechwriter At Last Night’s Town Hall


Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Facebook, Twitter censorship scandal – watch these 3 things


GOP Files FEC Complaint Against Twitter Over Blocking of Hunter Biden Article


Giuliani: Photos on Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive Will ‘Shock the Hell Out of You’


FBI Investigating Whether Hunter Biden Emails, Photos Were Part Of “Russian Influence Operation”


Twitter Mob forces dictionary to change definitions


Rudy Giuliani Describes the Bidens as a Crime Family. Here’s Why We Should Listen to Him.


What Leaked with Biden Emails Hints FBI Investigation Could Have Already Taken a Damning Turn


Don’t assume everyone’s heard the Hunter-Joe story. They haven’t. Keep spreading the word.


John Kerry Lied, Knew of Biden-Burisma Link


Putin Wants “Clear Answer” From US On Nuclear Arms Treaty, Offers 1-Year Extension


Stevie Nicks Issues Stomach-Turning Comment About Killing Her Own Baby


BOOM: Trump’s town hall BEAT Biden’s town hall in ratings battle!


Researchers find elevated radiation near U.S. fracking sites


Raytheon Unveils Next-Generation Battle Tank To Replace Bradley Fighting Vehicle


Port Of Los Angeles Struggles With Surge Of Unscheduled Ships


‘He belongs in prison’: Rudy Giuliani says alleged Hunter Biden hard drive shows he broke foreign agents law


‘Bins of Ballots’ Found, Media In-Kind Donations to Biden! This Week’s Ballot Shenanigans!


Report: Russian agents targeted Giuliani in effort to influence Trump


Top Liberal Tech Operative Comes Out of the Shadows: My Family Is Behind Most of the “Fake Liberal News” You See on Facebook


ABC silent after Biden town hall attendees identified as ex-Obama speechwriter, wife of prominent Democrat


Lou Dobbs calls out ‘active cover-up’ of Chris Wray’s FBI for hiding Biden evidence during impeachment


Democratic candidate alleges vote-buying by her party


Here’s Why You Should Start Getting Ready for Christmas NOW by Daisy Luther


White Americans Are Incredibly Demonized by Paul Craig Roberts


Academic Teachers and Political Activists




Paris attack: Teacher ‘decapitated’ in suspected terrorist incident, police say


Paris: SCHOOLTEACHER Beheaded By Muslim Parent Shouting “Allah Akbar!” Outraged By Class Lesson by Pamela Geller


Turkey Fires S-400 Missiles From Black Sea Coast In First Test


Chinese Communist Party takes aim at social media influencers for targeted censorship


PLA holds amphibious landing drills to ‘show firm will against Taiwan secessionists’


Beijing Views US Consulates as ‘Hostile Forces,’ Orders Monitoring of Diplomats: Leaked Documents


Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy Indicted For “Criminal Association” In Libyan Funding Scandal


UK Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers off Scotland Coast


‘We Will Not Be Deterred’ – Trudeau Responds After Beijing Directly Threatens “Health & Safety” Of 300,000 Canadians In Hong Kong




Vernon Jones: ‘Antifa Are Burning Black Businesses… and Nobody Holds Joe Biden Accountable’


Your Marxist Revolutionary Sons and Daughters


K-12: In Richmond’s Public Schools, a Rabid BLM Leftist at the Helm


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


Federal Court Rebukes D.C. Mayor’s Double Standard on Church Services and BLM Protests


“But I Spoke With My Virologist Friend and He Said…” by Jon Rappoport


Halted Trials Raise New Safety Questions About ‘Rushed’ COVID-19 Vaccines


If the Virus Isn’t There…Why Do They Believe It Is? by Jon Rappoport


The Chinese Virus – Why We Panicked and Why We’ve Got to End the Panic Now


What to Buy Now in Case of Another Lockdown by Joseph Mercola

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