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News Stories And Articles October 13th 2020


‘Unacceptable’: Johnson and Grassley push FBI to hand over all of Andrew McCabe’s texts


James O’Keefe to Drop Another Bombshell Undercover Video: “Colorado…. Tomorrow… Stay Tuned” (VIDEO)


Cyber Command has sought to disrupt the world’s largest botnet, hoping to reduce its potential impact on the election


Michigan Supreme Court denies Gov. Whitmer’s request for ‘pandemic executive orders’ extensions


Image of Biden-Harris campaign event in Arizona shows the polls are dead wrong


Will the Trump Administration Finally Seize a Golden Opportunity to Punish Clinton Charity Fraudsters? by Charles Ortel


‘Constitutionally absurd’: Jonathan Turley cuts off Dem narrative that GOP is ‘packing’ Supreme Court by filling vacancy


At Least 76 Arrested In L.A. After Riot Following Lakers Championship Win


Gina Haspel Blows Off Senators’ Demands To Quit Stonewalling Congress On Russiagate Oversight


Top Maxine Waters Staffer Lobbied For Chinese Communist Party Military


Michigan’s Whitmer Admits State Isn’t Prepared to Tabulate Votes On Election Day


FEC chairman: ‘Vote in person,’ mail-in ballots ‘easiest’ to throw out by Paul Bedard


Big Tech and the censoring of what you will see and when you will see it


REVEALED: Zuckerberg Group Funneled 99.4% Of Voter Engagement Budget To Democrat Districts


Google’s Latest Smartphone Feature: Listening to Every Sound in Your House


Trump Administration Warns Anti-White Discrimination May Cost Corporations Their Federal Contracts


Why Did Leon Black Pay Jeffrey Epstein $50 Million?


Maxine Waters’ six million-dollar mansion, in stark contrast with her poverty-stricken district by Sara Carter


Leftist Teens Accidentally Donate $16k to GOP While Trying to Sabotage Trump Rally


Kanye West Asks Voters To Write In His Name For President With First Campaign Ad


Texas Dem Signed Letter Defending Bill Ayers


The Signs Are Clear And Disturbing That God Did Not Abandon America, But America Abandoned God – Things Are Getting Much Worse And Will Continue To Do So


50 Shot, 4 Dead After Chicago Weekend Gun Violence


Asteroid hunters spot flurry of new space rocks headed towards Earth after identifying mysterious new ‘minimoon’


Birds Are Dropping from the Sky and Studies Confirm Wireless Radiation Harms Birds. Could There Be a Connection?


EXPLOSIVE: UPDATE- CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Alleged Role with the Deaths of Seal Team- Claims to have Documented Proof


Twitter Fined For Multiple Campaign Finance Violations


Federal Agents Find Bags of Undelivered Mail at Carrier’s House


READ: Left-wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close


Watch: “I Have No Agenda” – Judge Barrett Battles Dems On Abortion, Obamacare During Day 2 Of Hearings


The conservative crackdown on social media has begun


Facebook Bans Ads Questioning Safety Of COVID-19 Vaccines


CBS Obtains 94-Page Outline Showing FBI and Chris Steele Collaborative Use of Media Reporting


Video: Joe Biden Accusing Trump Supporters Of Waving “Nazi Fags” During His Latest “Rally”


Virginia Voter Registration Website Crashes On Last Day To Register Before Election


Biden: Voters Who Think They’re Better Off under Trump ‘Probably Shouldn’t’ Vote for Me


Biden Wins Endorsement of Cambodian Genocide Denier


FBI’s McCabe, Page texted several times about anti-Trump stories during 2016 election by John Solomon


McConnell Says Senate Will Vote On $500B Relief Package; Pelosi Rejects


Tinkering With Free Speech: Federal Court Rules Against Louisiana High School After Painting Over Student’s Trump Mural




‘I Am Really Sorry,’ Crying Kim Jong-un Tells North Korea


Fresh clashes threaten humanitarian ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh


Farmers say horrific murder in Free State could have been prevented


France: New law would remove all restrictions on abortions up to 14 weeks


Bin Laden’s Former London Spokesman to Be Let Back Into Britain


Saudi Arabia: We, Too, Are Fed Up with the Palestinians


UK National Health Service Defends Giving ‘Sex Change’ Drugs to 10-Year-Olds


Egypt to join Russia in Black Sea naval drills: Moscow


China’s Military Stages Island Invasion Drill During Taiwan Holiday


Spy case of Australian writer reaches China court


Will the Jourová scandal drive a wedge between Hungary and Czechia?




Evidence shows Denver shooter was likely ABOVE Antifa in the Neo-Marxist ranks


German-Style Internet Censorship Catches On Around the World


Denver Local News Bodyguard Who Killed Trump Supporter Bragged About Harassing and Confronting Conservatives in the Past


Antifa rioters shoot through windows of veteran-owned Portland cafe


Denver Rally Shooter Acted in Self-Defense: Attorney


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


World Bank, UN, Harvard, Think Tanks Warn COVID-19 Lockdowns, Response Leading To Global Starvation, Food Disruptions


Johnson & Johnson Latest To Halt COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Over Unspecified Illness


China in Focus: 9M to Undergo Testing in China’s Qingdao City


Lawyers Prepare to Sue WHO for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Over COVID Lockdowns


The top 10 best ideas for how to solve the covid crisis overnight (without giving up your freedoms) by Mike Adams


Catholic Priest Sues California Governor Over Pandemic Restrictions


Scientists say Nevada man contracted the coronavirus twice, second bout was worse


California judge rules inmates owed $1,200 stimulus payments


Michigan’s coronavirus executive orders are gone. Here are the health orders put in their place.


Dutch Woman Dies After Being Reinfected With COVID-19, Global Cases See Biggest Weekly Jump Yet: Live Updates


CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks

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