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News Stories And Articles November 8th 2019




Constitution Under Attack: Article V Convention Greater Threat Than Open Attacks


Whistleblower’s Lawyer Reverses Course – Refuses to Let Client Eric Ciaramella Speak to Senate Intel Committee


When is a Whistleblower, not a Whistleblower?


ABC News shills for Kamala Harris by Peter Barry Chowka


CRACKDOWN: Twitter is Censoring Users for Exposing Name of Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella
Social media is trying to prop up the deep state witch hunt against the President.


Pentagon announces 1.6% cost of living increase for retired vets


REVEALED: Leaked Memo Exposes Facebook’s Policy to Remove Content That Contains Name of Anti-Trump CIA Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella


“The Second Amendment…..”
Gun Stocks Soar After Trump Admin Passes New Rule To Ease Exports


After Election Victory In Virginia, Gun Control Groups Turn To Texas


High School Football Player Asks To Pray With Opponent Whose Mom Has Cancer


‘FAKE NEWS’: Pence team denies anonymous op-ed author claim about 25th Amendment


Sens. Johnson, Grassley Ask State Department for Hunter Biden Documents


From Campus to Congress: Allied with Terror
The top ten colleges that promote Jew-hatred and incite terrorism.


UC Berkeley Guest Speaker: It’s Time to ‘Change Our Interpretations’ of the First Amendment


Designated terrorist group CAIR applauds Baltimore County School Board’s submission to Islam by deciding to close all schools on Muslim holidays


MASSIVE RECALL: More Than 100 Vegetable Products Recalled Across US and Canada (Many Organic!) by Daisy Luther


Who Can Stop Trump Now?


NASA Gas Detector Plane Identifies “Super-Emitters” Across California


Retired Air Force general arrested on child porn charges: prosecutors


Columbia professor who fled communism RESIGNS, says university is becoming full blown communistic by Pamela Geller


Thirty years after its fall, part of the Berlin Wall still stands


A New Survey Has Found The Upcoming Election Is A “Significant Source Of Stress” For 56% Of U.S. Adults by Michael Snyder


U.K. Health Service to Deny Treatment to Patients Deemed Racist or Sexist


America Needs More F-35s—And Fast
Chinese and Russian air defenses won’t wait.


What if there was a coup to overthrow the President and the media didn’t cover it?


Former Icelandic minister claims US sent ‘planeload of FBI agents to frame Julian Assange’ during mission to the country in 2011


Europe migrant crisis: French police clear Paris ring road camps


CIA Chief Meets With King Salman Day After Saudi Twitter Spies Outed


Saudi Spies Charged With Stealing Private Info From Twitter Users
Two employees, one Saudi national caught spying for Saudi Arabia


Islamic Democrat Community Leader Charged with Raping Disabled Teen in Michigan
Behold the fruits of multiculturalism.


Oakland California Removes 75 Truckloads, 250 Tons of Trash from Homeless Encampment


An Old Soviet Joke


What is the New ‘Woke’ Military Really Preparing Us For?
Critics say social engineering has infiltrated the armed forces, putting readiness at risk.


UN Inciting Youth Rent-a-mobs for Globalism by William F. Jasper


The Name that Won’t Go Away: “John Brennan” by Sharon Rondeau


War on American history continues as Marxist mayor demands removal of armed soldier silhouettes at a veterans memorial


Quebec denies French student’s immigration over English thesis chapter


Putin Touts Laser Systems & Futuristic Arms To Be Deployed By Military


Act Now To Live Poor: The UN’s Plan for You


“CBS Sided With A Pedophile”: Network Fires Staffer Who Had Access To Robach-Epstein Rant


Like Father, Like Son: Lee County Sheriff’s Father Threatens Son Of Crime Victim – Explosive Video Sent To Governor, AG & FDLE


Black Muslim Academic: Islamic Slavery Devastating — and Ignored


“The War On Drug Cartels….”
Mr. President, Declare War on the Mexican Drug Cartels by Wayne Allyn Root


The Case for U.S. Military Action Against the Cartels by Kris W. Kobach


US Massacre In Mexico Requires Washington To Act, Here’s What Could Happen Next


Free Speech Triumphs at the University of Michigan


Dems Tried to Impeach Every Elected GOP President Since Eisenhower by Pamela Geller


Reports: Bloomberg Prepping Run for Democrat Presidential Nomination; Billionaire Former NYC Mayor Expected to File in Alabama Primary Friday


Just an idea as to how long China has been buying up our stuff……
Grauman’s Chinese Theater will now be named after Chinese TV company FROM: January 11, 2013


College Republican Establishment Tries to Deplatform America First Washington Chapter


South Park’ Targets Trump and ‘Treasonous Pig’ Rudy Giuliani


South Park Creators Come Out As Republicans While Accepting Award From Progressive Group FROM: March 28, 2018


Iranians Detain Nuclear Inspector In Bizarre Incident At Natanz Enrichment Facility


Honolulu Files Suit Against Energy Producers for Climate Change Damages
Joins other cities suing Exxon, BP


Congolese warlord given 30-year sentence for crimes against humanity


Spillover Chaos: Homicides Jump 52% In Baltimore County Amid Murder Crisis In Baltimore City


It’s the DNC, Stupid: Democratic Party, Not Russia, Has Delegitimized the Democratic Process


Dan Crenshaw Betrays Constituents, Comes Out in Favor of Mass Immigration and Demographic Shift


Rob Schneider Mocks California Voters: ‘Would Vote For A Bowl Of Sh*t If It Had D Next To It’


Recognition Of ‘Polyfidelitous Closed Quads’ And ‘Throuples’ Could Change Marriage For Everyone


Deep State on the National Security Council: Colonel Vindman Is an ‘Expert’ With an Agenda


How Socialized Medicine Kills The Patient & Robs The Taxpayer Excerpted from Thomas DiLorenzo’s book The Problem with Socialism


It’s Official: Fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Alabama Senate Bid (VIDEO)


Iraqi forces kill at least 10 protesters in Baghdad and Basra as turmoil deepens


Breaking Open A Black Hole: The World’s Most Dangerous Experiment FROM: Nov 03, 2019


Glenn Greenwald Assaulted by Pro-Bolsonaro Journalist During Live Broadcast


FBI says Ypsilanti engineer sent trade secrets to Iran


Not Just Billionaires: Now Democrats Want To Hit Millionaires With 10% Surtax


35 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From California


NETFLIX and KILL: Dispatch Supervisor Watching Netflix on the Job Sends Police 30 Minutes Late


Melania Trump Visits Boston Hospital to Hug Babies, Staff Protests


FBI arrests eight including a senator in corruption-related probe, proving the island’s problems are caused by Democrats, not Trump


AI will now watch for fraudsters on the world’s largest stock exchange

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