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News Stories And Articles November 18th 2019




How the Deep State arrests its enemies


McCarthy Sends Letter To ABC Demanding Information On Killed Epstein Story


The rule of law has collapsed in America, a nation where the guilty go free while the innocent are persecuted and silenced by: Mike Adams


Trump Was Right! Human Traffickers ‘Recycling’ CHILDREN to Gain Entrance to the U.S.


The Classic Speech Every Black Voter Needs to Watch Heading into 2020


Juanita Broaddrick Demands ABC Release the Epstein Report and Help Bill Clinton’s Other Victims


Stéphane Ravier, a Senator in Marine Le Pen’s National Rally Party stuns French Parliament by saying the French people are paying in blood for the country’s disastrous Muslim immigration policy


‘This is evil! Antifa terrorists target citizens who donated to Andy Ngo’s medical bills


Roger Stone Convicted: Justice Served or Deep State’s Revenge?


Prince Andrew’s Epstein-Related BBC Interview Was “Catastrophic Mistake”


After Pelosi Insults Him over Whistleblower Question, Reporter Hits Back: ‘It’s Called Journalism’


Bolivia Proves that Latin America Cannot Exit the American Empire by Paul Craig Roberts


Overkill: 13-Year-Old Student Handcuffed, Arrested, Charged With Felony & Criminally Prosecuted for Pointing Imaginary ‘Finger Gun’ at Classmates by John W. Whitehead


Nearly 80,000 Illegal Aliens Carried An Arrest Record Before Winning DACA Approval, Government Data Show


Bannon Wanted Eric Ciaramella Kicked Off National Security Council Amid Concerns Over Leaks


Truly the party of Harvey Weinstein: Democrats go vile — and sexist — against Rep. Elise Stefanik


BREAKING: Schiff Finally Releases Tim Morrison Testimony — NSC Sr. Director BLOWS UP Ukrainian Hoax — Destroys Schiff Top Witness Lt. Col. Vindman


The Right To Refuse: Alabama Printer Says No To LGBTQ Content


COLORADO: Oh, how the story changes when we get the other side of the story about alleged anti-Muslim profiling…not just CAIR’s


‘Gun Free Zones’ Get People Killed – It’s Time to Hold the Government, Individuals & Agencies Accountable for Shootings & Injuries


California Dems Flood Colorado With Cash Ahead of National Popular Vote Referendum


Fukushima Will Be Reincarnated As A $2.7 Billion Wind And Solar Energy Hub


Progressive Meltdown: The Epstein Meme Is Recruiting Fascists?


Thousands Rally in DC for Vaccine Injury Awareness


Emails: Open Society Kept Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Updated on George Soros’s Personal Ukraine Activities


PG&E may shut off power Wednesday to 180,000 homes, businesses


Chinese Government’s Leaked Files Unveil Origins Of Indoctrination Prison Camps: ‘Absolutely No Mercy’


France is target of more Islamic jihad attacks than any other EU state, French Leftists denounce “Islamophobia” by Robert Spencer


Day care accused of overcrowding utilized false wall to hide dozens of children from police


Atheists badgering school with ‘noisy, public complaint meant to harass,’ says lawyer


Top NSC Official Told Secret Impeachment Panel Nothing Improper Transpired During Trump-Zelensky Call


HUGE! Dem Rep. Says He Will Vote NO on Impeachment, Reveals Other Dem Lawmakers “Quietly, Privately” Concerned About Schiff Show Trials (VIDEO)


Arbuthnot Out as Assange’s Judge, Says WikiLeaks Lawyer Jen Robinson


France Shuts Down Mosques and Schools Linked to Islamism in 15 Neighbourhoods


Border Patrol Caught 45K Illegals in October


Judges force landlords to rent to criminals


Here’s The Real Reason Why Hong Kong Authorities Are Desperate To Regain Control Of University


Texas Teacher Scolds Parents Protesting Drag Queens in School: ‘You Don’t Know What is Best for Your Kids’
This state enforcer believes your kids are his property.


Anti-Trump CIA “Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella Spoke with Lt. Col. Vindman and Is Still Attending White House Meetings


Head of New York Medical Clinics Found Guilty in Nearly $100 Million Money Laundering and Health Care Kickback Scheme


Rahm Emanuel: Trump Is Not Like Nixon — His ‘Lineage’ Is Joseph McCarthy


Epstein’s Prison Guards Could Face Criminal Charges


Real gun is a misdemeanor, but ‘finger gun’ is a felony
It ‘was even employed by President Obama’


Portland Man Sues City, County, And Media For False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, And Slander After Protesters Jumped In Front Of His Truck


Yellow Vests stage rallies, shut down famed Paris store on protest anniversary


CA Residents Don’t Want Data Collecting Environmentally Unfriendly “Smart” Street Lights. Do You?


Christian backers of Trump, the president can defend himself


Bill Richardson: Democrats Heading Toward Brokered Convention, Could Nominate Michelle Obama


Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent


Conservative radio host ‘fired mid-show for criticizing Trump’


Vladimir Putin Sums Up The New World Order In 5 Words


Conservative Inc. Attempts to Cancel Michelle Malkin for Standing with ‘America First’ Patriots




If you’re caught with an untaxed vaping product, Mass can take your car


New Legislation Will Throw People in Jail for Disrespecting Cops—Seriously


Report: Accused thieves, suspected murderers, child porn suspects among DACA recipients


Artificial Intelligence Will Enable the Future, Blockchain Will Secure It


Five-Year-Old Shows Off Heroine Bag At School, Claims He Turns Into Superhero After Tasting Powder; Father Arrested!


The Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate


Congressman Steve King Courageously Defends Patriotic Canadian Hockey Commentator


Democrats Try out yet Another Cause for Impeachment in Their Stalinist Show Trial as the Latest One Flounders


How to Defend Your Home and Yourself When the SHTF by Selco

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