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News Stories And Articles November 13th 2019




Washington Has Disassociated America from Good and Deprived Her of Moral Basis by Paul Craig Roberts


Bottom line: Do illegal aliens matter more than American citizens? by Daniel Horowitz


Senators are told they will be made to work SIX days a week for six weeks for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial at height of Democratic primary season


House Republicans Say Even Dems’ Impeachment Witnesses Supported Trump’s View of Corruption in Ukraine


BOOM! Rudy Giuliani DESTROYS Schiff’s First Witness GEORGE KENT – He’s Behind Dismissal of Investigation into Soros’s Corrupt AntAC Operation in Ukraine


Trump Campaign Deploys War Room Defense for Impeachment Hearings


San Fran DA, of terrorists, won’t prosecute a lot of crimes


California collapsing under crime: Son of Weather Underground terrorists elected prosecutor in San Francisco by Daniel Horowitz


Despite Court Meddling, Ohio Passes Laws to Protect the Unborn


The Islamic Trojan Horse


John Brennan’s CIA Trump Task Force
Could it become Obamagate?


‘They are freaking’: ABC News executives still trying to out Epstein ‘whistleblower’


Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional


Swarm of 10 quakes shakes Imperial Valley town in California, USGS reports




Young People Might Reject Socialism If They Knew These Facts


There Is No Such Thing as a Free Press by Paul Craig Roberts


AI can predict if you’ll die soon – but we’ve no idea how it works


The Fallout from Beto’s Gun Grabbing Antics Could Go Beyond His Failed Presidential Campaign


NBC reports 6 no-name sources think Bolton deduced some nasty things about Trump


Ukrainian Officials Release Records of 46 Payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma Holdings, 38 Payments were for $83,333 Totaling Over $3.1 Million


DACA Protesters in Country Illegally Promise to Stay in U.S. Regardless of High Court Decision


Idaho Residents Fume Over State-Wrecking Californians And Other Inflationary Transplants


“Fight for Your Guns” Says Relative of American Family Slaughtered by Cartels


TURN FACE Jeremy Corbyn ‘backs Boris Johnson for Prime Minister’ in eerily realistic deepfake clip


Coming Soon to a Democrat Run City Near You… Denver Business Owner Fined for Not Picking Up the Homeless Sh*t on the Sidewalk Outside his Business


Schiff’s Impeachment Lynch Mob Signals the End of America’s Two-Party Political System


Video Shows American ISIS Member Stranded In Greek-Turkish Border ‘No Man’s Land’


It’s Google vs the Feds (again) as DHS opens ‘Nightingale’ probe


‘You couldn’t make this up!’: Furious backlash after it emerges that Google has secretly amassed healthcare data on millions of people


REPORT: Italian News Claims Spygate’s Joseph Mifsud was Kidnapped by Italians on Halloween in 2017 – Whereabouts Still Unknown!


Major Let Down: Supreme Court is Now Allowing Anti-Gunners to Sue Gun Manufacturers into Bankruptcy


Supreme Court OKs lawsuit by Sandy Hook parents against gunmaker Remington in spite of federal law that prohibits such lawsuits


Judge says woman arrested in CIA trespass looking for ‘Agent Penis’ later visited Obama home


Maryland Police Gave ICE Only 15 Minutes Heads Up Before Releasing Illegal Immigrant Who Then Sexually Assaulted a Child


Dear GOP In Congress: Put Up or Shut Up by Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.


Air Protein just created ‘meat’ made from air


Hamas Claims It Has ‘Thousands of Missiles,’ Miles of Underground Terror Tunnels


Supreme Court: Sandy Hook Family Members’ Lawsuit Against Gunmaker Can Move Forward


How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship: A Lesson From 1933


How Surveillance and Propaganda Work in ‘the Free World’


Chicago Youth Wreak Havoc With ‘Shoplifting Mobs’; Employee’s Head Slammed Into Glass Case




If Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy In Order To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?


Father outraged over school giving 7-year-old son flyer promoting free condoms, birth control


Bash Trump, Make A Million Bucks – Or Two
John Bolton has reportedly inked a $2 million book deal.


A Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Was Randomly Poured on a Woman by a Homeless Man




Truckers, Beware — CA Wants You Gone

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