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News Stories And Articles June 3rd 2020




The Senate Should Focus On What The Flynn Transcripts Do Not Contain . . . Starting With A Crime


Pentagon Moves Troops Into Washington Region Amid Riots


Pentagon Says 1,600 Army Troops Have Moved To Joint Base Andrews Outside Washington DC To “Support Civil Authorities”


431 Law Enforcement Officers Were Injured in the Black Lives Matter/Antifa War
These aren’t protests. They aren’t riots. This is a war.


There is no systemic racism in policing by Daniel Horowitz


Media Falsely Claimed Violent Riots Were Peaceful And That Tear Gas Was Used Against Rioters


President Trump and using the Insurrection Act of 1807 to save America


Nation’s Streets Calmest in Days; Protests Largely Peaceful


The George Floyd Protests by Paul Craig Roberts
Is It Racism When Police Murder and Brutalize White People?


Where do we go from here? Riot Edition by Samuel Culper


Media Lied; Police Confirm No Tear-Gas, Flash-Bangs Used Ahead Of Trump’s Church Visit


AOC Advises ‘Protesters’ To Hide Their Identity, Leave Drugs at Home in Case of Arrest


The Antifa rioters, looters, arsonists, vandals, and murderers have at least one confirmed ally in Congress: AOC


13-Year-Old Girl With Autism Says She Was Attacked TWICE for Being White and Having a Pro-Trump Family


Louisville Police Chief Fired After Black Man Is Shot Dead During Protest


Democrats Are Using Antifa to Foment Revolution


China’s Foreign Ministry Mocks America for Its Social Unrest


Michigan Democratic Party chairwoman: ‘If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist’


Criminal Gangs Who Ransacked NYC Arrived In Chauffeured Cars, Used Power Tools, Witnesses Say


Poll Finds Clear Majority of Americans Want Military to Help Police Deal With Riots


Minnesota Trucker Who Drove Through Protesters Released Without Charges


‘Looter’ Goes Viral Bragging About All The Merch He Stole, Internet Identifies Him, Police Respond


Clashes With Police Continue In New York, Washington During 5th Night Of Unrest As Arrests Near 10,000


Three Months, 6 Million Guns Sold


Protesters Showed Up In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho But The Locals Made Sure That There Would Be No Riots…


Twitter Claims ‘White Supremacists’ Are Posing As Antifa And Calling For Violence


Truth Is What We Hide, Cover Stories Are What We Sell


George Floyd had ‘violent criminal history’: Minneapolis police union chief


REPORT: Crates Filled with Pipe Bombs Discovered Near Korean War Memorial, Authorities Pursuing Suspect


77-Year-Old Retired Police Captain Murdered By Looters


Philadelphia Man Killed After Targeting ATM With Explosives Amid Mass Protests


Armed Looter Shot Dead Trying to Rob Philadelphia Gun Store


Have Google, Facebook bought off DC conservative think tanks?


LA Man Arrested With ‘Massive Arsenal’ While Impersonating National Guardsman


Silicon Valley has effectively banned the freedom of speech. It’s time we take it back


Check Your Radical Privilege


Gretchen Whitmer has her ‘let them eat cake’ moment


Hospital Staff Filmed Applauding BLM Protesters Amid Coronavirus


Walmart refuses to sell film on threat to free speech in America


Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King Falls To Primary Challenger Randy Feenstra


The Property Tax Assessment Nationwide RICO Scam


NYT ‘1619’ Journalist Justifies Looting, Property Damage: ‘Not Violence’ but ‘Symbolic Taking’


New Seafloor Faults Discovered Near Puerto Rico Quakes’ Epicenters


Lab-invented bio-terrorism: researchers discover unique, manmade viral manipulations of the COVID-19 strain


Enraged Italians Abandon Masks, Denounce Pandemic As Scam


We Were Told For Months We’d Never Gather In Public Again ‘Because Covid-19.’
Where do the week’s riots leave ‘social distancing’?


SORRY AMERICA – Those Catastrophic Mortality Rates Sold to Us by the WHO, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Were a Huge Scam


Bill Gates – Globalist Sage Or Coronavirus Charlatan?


Was it Ever Really About the Virus? by Brian C. Joondeph

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