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News Stories And Articles June 1st 2020




Burning America: Be Careful What You Wish For


Historic St. John’s Church near White House set on fire in DC riots


Video: Lansing Rioters Break into Bank, Smash Windows, Burn Car – in Stark Contrast to ‘Reopen’ Protesters


‘Outrageous!’ Secret Service says more than 60 officers/agents sustained injuries during protests outside the White House


Whatever Happened to Law and Order?


‘It’s just sickening’: Owners of family bakery arm themselves with guns and scare off rioters


Wisconsin city refuses to arrest rioters, but hands out hefty fines to churches with more than 50 worshipers


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested at George Floyd Manhattan Protest


It’s an insurrection, no longer just protests


Man fatally shot by Kentucky authorities during Louisville protests


“It’s A Setup”: Mysterious Brick Piles Appear Throughout Major Protest Cities


Laura Loomer Calls for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Arrest for Aiding and Abetting ANTIFA Terrorists


Georgetown Professor Laments D.C. Rioters’ Failure to Attack Trump Hotel


Watch: The Purge ‘Message’ Blasts Over Loudspeakers As Rioters Torch Cars


‘Retribution’: Chinese state media calls violent U.S. protests a ‘beautiful sight’


Minneapolis Rioters Burned One Of America’s Most Beloved Independent Bookstores To The Ground


Over a Dozen U.S. Governors Summon Thousands of National Guardsmen to Quell Violent Protests


2 banks burn to ground in San Diego suburb as protests turn to violence, looting


Armed Militia Reportedly Going To Dallas As Police Lose Control Over City


After Trump declares Antifa a terrorist organization, the communist-funded radical Left will turn America into a battleground… here’s what happens next


Leftists Defend ANTIFA After Trump Vows To Declare It A Terrorist Organization


The Latest: California closes all downtown state buildings


25-year-old arrested for allegedly setting fire to Nashville’s historic courthouse


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison assigned lead role on George Floyd case
Ellison has a history of signaling support to Antifa


Seattle Mayor Blames ‘White Men’ For ‘Much Of The Violence And Destruction’ At Riots


From Berlin to New Zealand, protests against death of George Floyd spread internationally


National Guard called in to quell violence in Los Angeles


Two New York Attorneys Arrested For Throwing Molotov Cocktail At Police


Man Arrested After Driving Truck Into Crowd on Minneapolis Freeway


Involuntary Socialism has been INVOKED in America by the “DCSG” Democrat Communist Socialist Governors




Another Gates vaccine bites the dust … Sick monkeys everywhere!


“We’re All Suspects Now”: A Look Inside The NSA’s New “Contact Chaining” Tool


The Economic Fallout of the Lockdown and Riots will not Diminish Support for Trump


Dozens Of Journalists Sacked After Microsoft Replaced Them With Artificial Intelligence


Watch: Russian Jets In Rare US B-1 Supersonic Bomber Intercept Over Black Sea


Ghislaine Maxwell Knows More About Jeffrey Epstein Than Anyone. But No One Knows Where She Is.


The Question Of Evidence When Governments Push Political Narratives


Beijing Retaliates: Trade Deal On Verge Of Collapse As China Halts Some US Farm Imports


We’re Living the Founding Fathers’ Nightmare: America Is Corrupt to the Core

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