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News Stories And Articles July 7th 2020




Suspect in Custody After ‘Active Shooter’ Reported at Marine Corps Base


At least 3 Dead, Including Teenager, After ‘Active Shooter’ Incident in Florida


The Lincoln Project, Run by Anti-Trump RINOs, Seeks Biden Victory and Democrat Control of Senate


Former Reddit CEO Admits To Have Known About Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Supplying Underage Girls For Sex,’ Yet Remained Silent


Gavin Newsom caught wiring half a billion dollars to communist China in massive face mask money laundering scheme


New gun owners say they bought firearms because police might not reach them in time


As U.S. Police Forces Are Threatened With Extinction, American Gun Owners Under Attack for Protecting Themselves


Deutsche Bank to Pay $150 Million Fine, Says Making Jeffrey Epstein a Client Was ‘Mistake’


How One Local ‘Karen’ Nearly Alerted Ghislaine Maxwell To Her Impending Arrest By Calling The Cops On The FBI


The mainstream media fully exposed its “hate America” agenda over Independence Day


There’s a civil war happening between minorities and woke whites


Ohio Town Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary City’ For Historical Statues


Marquette University threatened to rescind student’s admission over pro-Trump TikTok video


US Calls Out Chinese Regime’s ‘Orwellian Censorship’ on Hong Kong


Gov. Whitmer will roll back Michigan reopenings if coronavirus cases keep climbing, she tells CNN


BLM Teacher Says 2+2 Only = 4 Because of “Western Imperialism”


Shield of the Union: How the Russian Navy Protected America in the Civil War


Leaked Images From PayPal Zoom Meeting Show Anti-Right Wing Bias


Ex-NYC Drug Lord Says Turning to Christ Changed Everything for Him, ‘I Was a Walking Dead Man’


American Judge Says He Is “Tentatively Inclined” To Reject Bayer’s Monsanto Settlement


NC Utilities Are Going Broke Due to Dem. Gov’s Free Electricity Mandate


Slavery Rampant in Africa, Middle East; The West Wrongly Accuses Itself




Chinese company mandates that employees take part in vaccine experiments, violating the Nuremburg code of medical ethics


Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Announces He Tested Positive for COVID-19


Anti-Semitic Toronto Restaurant says ‘Zionists Not Welcome’


Libya’s civil war leaves Sahara community without gas, electricity or water


Israel challenges Iran by sending reconnaissance satellite into space




Iran Sees 6th Deadly ‘Mystery’ Explosion In Weeks At Industrial Zone Near Tehran


Accident or sabotage? What we know of deadly explosion at Iran’s Natanz nuclear site




After Violent Weekend and Black Terror Militia Display, Gov. Brian Kemp Deploys 1,000 Troops to Georgia Streets


Lawlessness, the Murder of Our Children, and the Soul of America


Satan Soldiers (Belial) Are on the Move, Armed Black Militia Demands Texas, Do Yourself a Favor Don’t Mess With Texas


WATCH: BLM Agitator Vows To Call CPS on White Church-Going Mother


Black Lives Matter Leader Toronto Believes White People are Subhuman, Calls Them ‘Genetic Defects’ – Begs ‘Allah’ to Help Her ‘Not Kill White Folks’


As Rioters Get Off Without Charges, White Couple Wanted By Police For Painting Over BLM Mural


VIDEO: White Guards Protect Black Family From BLM Mob As They Enter Church


Report: Pentagon Drafting Plan to Ban Confederate Flag Displays


Antifa Is Posting Videos on Social Media on How to Smash Windshields and Assault Drivers Who Will Not Obey Them During Street Protests


Christian College Student Kicked Out of School for Posting Videos Critical of BLM


Manhattan DA Charges White Woman For Calling 911 On Black Man Who Admitted He Threatened Her


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


US Surpasses 130,000 Deaths As COVID-19 Cases Near 3 Million: Live Updates


Israel Reimposes Restrictions After COVID-19 Spike


Doctor/GOP State Senator Speak Out About COVID-19 and Now Faces an Investigation ‘Misinformation,’ ‘Recklessness’ They


REMINDER: WHO Created Global Pandemic Panic Based on Fraudulent Data and It’s Leader Tedros is Connected to Islamic Terrorism and Is a China Puppet


Is the Texas Covid “Spike” Fake News? by Ron Paul


Stanford doctor says majority of hospitalizations in Texas ‘have nothing to do with COVID-19’


Here’s the FULL LIST of Every Company Who Got a COVID-19 Loan — ON YOUR TAX DIME — From the Government


Why no one should believe COVID-19 is naturally-occurring


Atlanta Mayor, Biden Veep Contender Keisha Lance Bottoms Has COVID


We’ve been scammed – WHO now says “no evidence” of asymptomatic coronavirus transmission, no need for restrictions if you’re not sick


29-Times More People Will Die Of Lockdown Measures Than From The Covid-19 Coronavirus Itself


Local and County Officials Across Texas Announcing They Will Refuse to Enforce Governor Abbott’s Unconstitutional Face Mask Order.


Anti-Israel Soros Groups Cash In on Coronavirus Relief Funds


Melinda Gates wants to target black people for priority covid-19 vaccines


UK funnels $2 billion to pesticide giants in corrupt covid-19 bailout scheme


Abortion clinics, advocacy orgs raked in millions from gov’t COVID-19 relief


Operation Warp Speed Awards Novavax $1.6 Billion For COVID Vaccine


Texas State Fair Cancelled for the First Time Since WWII Due to Coronavirus