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News Stories And Articles July 29th 2020




Democrats belligerence toward AG Barr is all about Crossfire Hurricane


Jerry Nadler fell asleep during William Barr congressional hearing


Barr House hearings shone a light on everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party


US-China Military Conflict Deemed “Highly Likely” To “Almost Certain” Over Next 3 Years


11,900 US troops leaving Germany; 6,400 returning home


Nancy Pelosi Orders GOP to Pass Far Left Cheat-By-Mail Legislation


President Trump Threatens Executive Orders To “Bring Fairness” To Big Tech


Trump retweets viral video of doctor saying US government is run by ‘reptilians’


Operation Legend Expanded in Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland: DOJ


John Brennan blocked from accessing classified information


Harvard University Professor Charged with Tax Offenses


On the dossier: Yes, it was salacious, unverified fiction. Reality all along was what Obama, Clinton cabals were doing


Anti-Americanism: The New Anti-Semitism by Dennis Prager


One Election Stands Between ‘Freedom’ And America Fully Transformed Into A Leftist Banana Republic Worse Than Venezuela As Country Is Pushed Full Speed Ahead Into The Danger Zone


More than 100 police agencies back out of DNC security agreements


Politico publishes piece claiming Kamala Harris is Biden’s VP pick — quickly scrubs it
The edited bio claimed Harris was chosen “on Aug. 1”


2019’s Joker is 2020’s Reality


Dr. Robert Epstein: Google Will Shift 10% of Voters to Make Trump a ‘Blip in History’


Ask Siri and Google what a “demon” is. One of their definitions? “A police officer.”


New York Supreme Court Orders Release of NYC Gun Owners’ Private Info


Local U.S. Law Enforcement Using Chinese Drones Cited for Espionage Concerns


$270 Billion Tesla Took Additional Benefits From An Unnamed Government Juicing Its Financial Results


If You Think You Can Trust Your Doctor, Think Again


Obama Holdovers with Islamist Connections Still Employed by the DoJ by Pamela Geller


Time to defund the defunders


73% of Democratic college students support taking down statues of Founding Fathers who owned slaves: poll


The Democrat Defense Of Slavery
“Slavery is the best form of socialism.”


Defund, Disarm, Demoralize: The New Democrat Strategy


Guess Who’s Running The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute


Real cause of soaring murder rate? Feds running guns into inner cities


Neil Young Considering Suing President Trump for Playing His Music at Events


Bannon’s Radio Free China




China Says Mysterious Seed Packages Are “Forged” And Aren’t Really From The Country’s Postal Service


Belarus detains dozens of Russian mercenaries before election, says state media


Israel Rolls Out Dystopian Cyber Espionage Award for US-Backed Digital Saboteurs


‘The birds have landed’: French-made Rafale jets arrive in India amid China tensions


Russia may be withholding missile deliveries to China


Armenian FM to ‘Post’: Israel needs to halt all weapon sales to Azerbaijan


Russian Demand For Foreign Passports Up Due To Travel Restrictions During Chinese Coronavirus


Turkey passes controversial law regulating social media


Australia gives US partial support against China




In Rare Compromise, Turkey ‘Pauses’ Gas Exploration Near Greece After EU & US Pressure


Turkish magazine calls for revival of CALIPHATE amid Hagia Sophia conversion, gets slammed for peddling ‘unhealthy debate’


Three Gorges Dam under fast mounting flood pressure




Police Are Arresting Far-Left Antifa Members And Telling The Media That They’re White Supremacists (Photos)


Antifa Terrorist Who Threw Bomb at Courthouse Turned In…By His Grandmother


As Democrat-run cities gut their police departments, residents are forming their own militias (op-ed)


Federal Agents To Leave Portland In ‘Phased Withdrawal’ Starting Tomorrow


Black Folks Tell White Liberals To Back Off


Two women charged with beating Wisconsin lawmaker during protest


Do Burning Cities Mark Start Of Democrats’ ‘Civil War 2.0’?


BLM Founder: DNC Platform Not Nearly Radical Enough


Veteran California activist exposes biggest issue hidden by BLM


Complaints by Ignorant, Hateful Liberals Force Michigan Bed and Breakfast to Take Down Norway Flag Because They Think It’s the Confederate Flag


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


Sweden COVID-19 Deaths Near Zero As Florida Suffers 2nd Straight Record Jump: Live Updates


Patriots Break Down Social Media Barrier!


COVID Trauma-Based Mind Control by Jon Rappoport


Bill Hagerty Staffer Allegedly Ran Coronavirus Test Kit Scam


Florida Man Used PPP Loans To Buy Lamborghini Huracan, Goes On Spending Spree


Could Face Masks Be Spreading the Coronavirus?


VIDEO: Viral Doctor Says ‘In 30 Days Hydroxychloroquine Will Stop COVID In Its Tracks’ If Allowed


Rep. Louie Gohmert Tests Positive For COVID-19 Ahead Of Presidential Flight To Texas


Trump Gives 1.16 Billion To Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance & Inks Deal With Pfizer For A COVID Vaccine

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