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News Stories And Articles July 1st 2020




Massive Protests Will Rock Our Cities On July 4th As A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Is Visible Above America


America’s Revolutionary Founders Would Be Anti-Government Extremists Today by John W. Whitehead


Is The Nationwide Coin Shortage Being Used To Push Us Toward A Cashless Society?


Virginia Dems draft proposal to downgrade assault on police to misdemeanor


They are Going to Force the Digital Money Upon the People, the Beast Has Arrived Compliments of the New World Order


Storm Warning


John Roberts Joins Liberals Again, Solidifying Bush’s Abysmal Legacy


Goldman Sachs: A National Mask Mandate Would Save the Economy


Kosovo Indictment Proves Bill Clinton’s Serbian War Atrocities


US Weather Anomalies: State of Emergency Declared After 9 Inches of Rain in 24 Hours Trigger Deadly Flash Floods in Western Wisconsin – 6 Inches of Snow in Idaho


Democrats Celebrate The Right To Murder Their Own Children As The US Supreme Court Further Legalizes ‘Black Genocide’ – ‘Democrat Death Dealers’ & Black Eugenics Go Back 100+ Years!


Why The US Empire Works So Hard To Control The International Narrative About Russia by Caitlin Johnstone


Pilot Dies After Fiery F-16 Crash At South Carolina As Another Training Mission Goes Horribly Wrong


Fox News fires Ed Henry following sexual misconduct complaint


“Palestinian” Representative Tlaib Claims She Is “African-American”


Lynching, Stoning and Burning: The 1919 ‘Red Summer’ Race Riots That America and Britain Want You to Forget But Which Echo Today


1986: The Act


Navy bans troops from indoor religious services while allowing protests, house parties




Viral Encore: Another Swine Flu Strain In China Reportedly Threatens To Become A Pandemic


U.N. Chief Guterres Calls for One Supreme Body of ‘Global Governance’


Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas, Arrest More Than 300 Protesters as They March Against Beijing’s Security Law


Munich Prosecutors Raid Wirecard Offices As Probe Into $2BN Accounting Fraud Heats Up


Apocalyptic Sandstorm Engulfs Chinese City in Minutes Turning Sky Orange and Blocking the Sun (Video)


Taiwan excluded from EU’s list of ‘safe’ countries, China included


Korea-Japan conflict has no way out




Seattle Police Clear Autonomous Zone After Mayor Declares Unlawful Assembly


BLM Rioter Opens Fire on Utah Motorist Who Refuses to Stop For Mob’s Roadblock


Jesse Taggart, 33, Charged With Attempted Murder For Allegedly Shooting Driver at Provo BLM Protest


BREAKING: Black Lives Matter upgrades Rules of Engagement (ROE) to “shoot people in vehicles” — protester shoots unarmed elderly man in a vehicle; CHAZ “security” opens fire on black teens in Seattle


Seattle Mayor Now Thinks CHOP Mob is Dangerous as They Visit Her at Home


Normal Americans Are Fed Up With Feminazis, Antifa, BLM And Rioters – In Case You Missed It, We Are In The Midst Of Civil War In America


BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors was trained by a radical domestic terrorist for more than a decade


The Purge: The Natural Progression Of “Woke” Censorship Is Tyranny


Stanford Daily refuses to run College Republican’s op-ed, accuses it of ‘anti-blackness’


“A Single-Handed Symbol Of White Supremacy”: Wisconsin Students Demand Removal Of Statue Of Abraham Lincoln


Boston to Remove Lincoln Emancipation Memorial


The Mobs Are Coming for the Progressives


Independent Journalist Tours The Cities Destroyed By Black Lives Matter Rioters


CHICAGO: Independence Day Fireworks Cancelled, But Gay Pride ‘Protest’ for Black Trans Lives Goes Ahead


“White Lives Don’t Matter” Academic: “I Resist Urges to Kneecap White Men”


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


Arizona Reports Record Jump In New Cases, Deaths; Cuomo Says NYC Indoor Dining Won’t Restart Until It Is “Safe & Prudent”: Live Updates


COVID-FLU-SHOT COMBO? Will the next flu shot contain genetically modified, lab-concocted strains of Covid-19?


SHOCK: Spike in Cleveland coronavirus cases rooted in days immediately after May 30 protest


U of O Scientist Seeking Edible Vaccine for COVID-19 Hopes to Put Them in Veggies that People Would Eat by Erin Elizabeth


Dems Vote Down Resolution That Would’ve Condemned China Over COVID-19 Cyberattacks


Black people are the first targets of the Bill Gates vaccines… ever wonder why?