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News Stories And Articles July 13th 2020



‘People Are Going To Be Shocked’: Bannon Claims Wuhan Lab Employees Have Defected, Are Working With FBI

Florida Business Owner Banned From Facebook and Instagram For Ties To Laura Loomer and Roger Stone


Police: North Carolina Officers Swarmed by ‘Hostile Crowd’ of 50 People After Drug Bust


Propaganda Brainwashing, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix by Caitlin Johnstone


High Court Opens Door to Electoral College Subversion


LEAKED AUDIO: Joe Biden Laughs with Former Ukrainian President about Sabotaging Trump’s Campaign in 2016


‘Never-Trump’ Neocons Target President’s Allies For Cancellation


American collusion: Weaponizing media, Big Tech and government by James Grundvig


Why Governor Pritzker’s Congressional Testimony on COVID-19 Was False and Hypocritical


Crime is exploding in Democrat-run cities across America – and the mayors are blaming the guns. (Op-ed)


For First Time Since The Great Depression, Americans Must Wait In Line For The Most Basic Essential Items


Strange Stuff Going On: Are you Ready For The ‘Mark Of The Beast?’ Americans Should Not Comply To Living Under Tyrannical Rule


USA Today Ratio’d Into Oblivion After ‘Fact Check’ Deems American Eagle A Nazi Symbol


‘Tsunami’ of Evictions Could Make 28 Million Americans Homeless This Summer Alone


Two Police Officers Murdered in Texas While Responding to Domestic Assault Call


Fed Up with Desecration of US Flag, Combat Vet Creates One That Won’t Burn


Facebook employees, contractors caught on video admitting they discriminate against white male coworkers


Lisa Marie Presley’s son, Benjamin Keough, dead at 27


You are labeled a “dangerous anti-vaxxer” if you dare mention vaccine injury, so who is behind this coercive push to conceal it?


Wife of GOP House Candidate Winegarner Donated to Obama Era Democrat Turned Pharma Lobbyist


BACKFIRE: Customers Buy Goya Foods After Leftists Pledge Boycott Over CEO’s Trump Support


Officer down: Young officer from Iowa found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. He was only 23 years old.


State Department Warns US Citizens In China Of “Prolonged Interrogations And Extended Detention”


Things Are Going To Get Uglier Sooner Rather Than Later – More Food Shortages Coming On Top Of Ongoing Supply Issues


VIDEO: Protesters Attempt to Throw Caribou Heart at GOP Senator


UTSA Teaching Assistant Fired For Threatening Pro-Trump Media Personality FROM: July 9th 2020


Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Christian Student’s Case Against Restrictive Campus Speech Policy


Cost-Cutting And COVID-19 Could Catalyze Election Day Chaos


Watch: NYPD releases footage of gunmen opening fire on three men as shootings spike in New York City


Man drives van into Central Florida church, sets it on fire with parishioners inside


Parents Seek Reparations After Special Needs Students Punished by Gov’t Funded Electric Shock




Flooding and Earthquakes Devastate Chinese Provinces, as Jiangxi Announces ‘Wartime’ Preparations


Mysterious Red Sky and Strange Glowing Lights Over Villahermosa, Mexico – Signs of the Endtimes


South Africa Reintroduces Ban On Alcohol Sales To Combat Virus Pandemic


Poland’s Nationalist President Declares Election Victory Over Soros-Linked Liberal Challenger


China Sanctions US Officials, Including Rubio and Cruz


Iran Says Radar Operator “Forgot” To Make Crucial Adjustment, Leading To Airline Downing


Europe: Rape Victims Accused of Racism by Raymond Ibrahim


Turkey stifled Haftar’s plans to capture Libyan capital: Erdogan




Federal officer hit in the head with a hammer as rioters try to break in to the federal courthouse


150 Minneapolis Police Officers Want ‘Duty Disability’ for PTSD over Protests


Attorney General Announces Nationwide “Operation Legend” to Combat Violent Crime, Beginning in Kansas City


Washington Redskins “Retire” Hurtful Name & Logo, Will Reveal New Name Later


Black Lives Matter supporters allegedly shoot and kill young white mom who said “all lives matter” – media all but silent


Judge Approves Petition to Recall Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan


The Case Against America’s Racially-Driven ‘Revolution’


Vandals Allegedly Target Statues of the Virgin Mary in Boston, Queens


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


Global Coronavirus Cases Top 13 Million As US 7-Day Average Hits Record Highs: Live Updates


Florida Breaks Single-Day Record of CCP Virus Infections as Disney World Reopens


The Great COVID-19 Deception … and What You Need to Know to SURVIVE by Gary Heavin


Chinese Virologist Fled Country After COVID Cover-Up, Now She’s Telling the World What She Saw


COVID-19 is a criminal hoax, murder — you’ve been duped: Nurse blows the whistle on government-sponsored op


Okinawa Bases Locked Down As COVID-19 Outbreak Grows; Florida Smashes US Single-Day Record: Live Updates


Surgeon General Defends Telling People Not to Buy Masks


Scientists Discover That The One Big Assumption That Everyone Has Been Making About COVID-19 May Be Dead Wrong


AG’s office argues Supreme Court should side with Turner over Texas GOP, Hotze


BOMBSHELL: Covid-19 infection rate may be 440% higher among children who received FLU SHOTS… while health “authorities” madly push more shots for the coming flu season


‘Please Tax Us’: Dozens Of Millionaires Urge Governments To Tax The Rich To Pay For Coronavirus Impact


Why doesn’t the medical deep state want coronavirus patients to heal?




GM Cutting Third Shift At Missouri Plant After Workers Fail To Show Up Due To COVID Fears